Drawing from Nature: Bird in a Thicket

I felt myself applying the colour to this bird heavily and vigorously as it came to life. I grabbed and scrubbed with the most vibrant pencils I had at hand muttering “[expletive] Winter” while trying to drive warmth into the paper.

A lot of us are there right now. We understand and respect that Nature needs to do its thing sometimes but we’re wondering sometimes aloud, “Seriously, why does Nature have to be such a jerk?” The Earth has cooperated by easing into its springtime alignment and brightening our evenings and we are honestly thankful. But here we are still checking at least three weather websites seeking those glorious above freezing digits.

– Davin

Find your own Imaginary Bird.

Birds portrayed in the “Drawing from Nature” series by Davin Risk are purely imaginary — any similarity to true species is entirely accidental.

Davin Risk
Davin is a designer, photographer, and likes to draw birds.

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6 thoughts on “Drawing from Nature: Bird in a Thicket

  1. What a cheerful way to encourage spring to show up! I recently found myself talking back to the weather forecast trying to convince it that we did not need any more snow: http://myfolia.com/journals/123779-more-snow Sadly, it didn’t work and we got at least the 20 cm they were calling for.

    On an encouraging note I saw my first red wing blackbird today, so spring conditions can’t be far behind!

  2. Thanks for doing your bit to try and tease some warmth out of hiding … love the angry birdy toes nailed to the ground as if to say I ain’t budging … Spring WILL arrive if I have any say in this! Heheh – Pretty Bird!

  3. Damn straight. Stupid friggin winter. And I am not that far from Toronto, so we’ve gotten the snow here lately too. My daffodils are peeking up and my garlic is popping up, and my seedlings are starting to germinate indoors, but nooooooo, here, have more snow!

    Thanks for the bird drawing!

  4. Oh, but I’m so jelous of people who get to have real snow! I love the cold! While you’re hanging out for Spring I am just revelling in the fact that its autumn here and there will be no more days over 30 degrees celsius and we might even get some more rain.
    Hehe but your bird picture are beautiful Davin

  5. Thank you for sharing your creative energy. You definitely brought some warmth into my day…lovely creation!

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