Don’t have room for a garden? Knit Your Own!

Guest post by Kelly Gilliam

So besides being an avid gardening, I’ve an avid knitter. That means I’m always looking for cool new things to knit up.

Today I got the idea in my head “hey, what about knitting plants??”

So after a little searching I found these awesome knit plants that you can make.

Baby Knit Veggies

Garden Variety (more veggies!)

A knit opuntia (sorry no instructions, but can be a launching point for ideas!)

And possibly the most easy thing you can do:
1. Get a feltable yarn (a 100% non-superwash wool will work)
2. Knit the basic shape of a flower (a great directory of free flower patterns here)
3. Knit an i-cord.
4. Felt the i-cord and string a sturdy wire through it.
5. Sew a pot from felt (a-la the above knit opuntia)
6. Put it all together and ta-da! A knit plant! Guaranteed to never wilt or die, and never need watering.


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4 thoughts on “Don’t have room for a garden? Knit Your Own!

  1. I knit the magknits corn – I quite liked how it turned out. Now I’ll have to try the baby eggplant. Thanks for finding that pattern!

  2. I also divide my passions between knitting and gardening–what a wonderful union of the two! Hooray for having our carrots and eating them too!

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