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9 thoughts on “Cyclamen Coum

  1. And I don’t even like cyclamen! We were in Allen Gardens last week and I just kept saying “all these cyclamen… ugh.” Guess I wasn’t looking closely enough; thanks!

  2. Jennifer, those at Allen Gardens are florist Cyclamen bred from C. persica. The species are smaller and delicate and sometimes surprisingly hardy. In fact this species C.coum is hardy in zone 6.

  3. Best way to appreciate cyclamen is in its own habitat…I have dear memories of the cute short stems poking out of rocky levellings of the orchards at my family house in the Lebanese mountain (Nort-East). There was the white flower, the white and pink dots and there was the soft pinkish lilac colored ones. They have earth perfume and crisp, even the color and shape of their foliage was different depending on the flower color. The façade of the walls were full of furn and cyclamen offering a gorgeous floral design!

  4. Nada: that sounds incredible. I think the best way to appreciate any plant is in its own habitat.

    I also learn so much about how to care for them at home when I see them in their element.

  5. I thought I’d share my thoughts ’cause I miss so much the flora back there and that does not exist anymore because post-war reconstruction urbanized most of these gorgeous lands…you should see the stretches of wild yellow genest, red and purple short poppies, and even the wild cream colored multiple layered extremely fragrant daffodils just amazing!

    By the way, I was never able to keep a cyclamen survive indoors for more than a year and it is so frustrating :)

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