Create Your Very Own Mood Garden

Guest post by Andrea Crisp

As everyone knows, each plant has its own unique smell. Scents can alter your mood in subtle ways, so when you plan your garden, why not let your nose decide the arrangements for you?

If you’re planning a quiet, private garden, a mix of mild-scented flowers like lily-of-the-valleys, lilacs, and roses might be just what the doctor ordered. Thinking about a vegetable garden too? Culinary herbs, like thyme, sage, and oregano will provide a tantalizing atmosphere, as well as top your salads!

Or you might want to specialize your garden, and have it cater to all your moods. Map out the sections of your gardening area and then separate your scents. Use flowers with rich, heavy fragrances like jasmine and honeysuckle to accent your laziest moods, and for when you need a pick-me-up, revive yourself with a patch of rosemary and lavender herbs. Here’s an idea! Some plants smell stronger when you stimulate them. Try spreading some chamomile over your garden path. It’s pretty to look at, and releases a nice smell when stepped across. Let aromatic herbs lead into all your “mood” patches. And, as you expand your garden, you can also expand your aromatic range.

Whoever said planting was boring? You can make your garden do more than just look attractive. Use your nose, and give it a rich personality all its own.

Andrea Crisp is a twenty three year old Aurora, Illinois native, working toward a degree in Horticulture. Her first and foremost love is gardening in all its many shapes and forms.


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