Cosmos Sulphureus at Scotts Head

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

I took this picture of orange cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus) as the sun was going down over Scotts Head, Dominica, the body of land just behind the flowers and the southern most tip of the island. Do I ever miss those Caribbean sunsets.

I miss the sunrises, too.

Come to think of it, the continuous warmth and greenery wasn’t too shabby either. Let’s go back and get away from this winter business. We’ll do it as a massive group trip. You’ll love it there.

Our recent trip to the Caribbean has inspired in me a renewed enthusiasm for cosmos. It’s not that I’ve fallen out of the love with this tough, yet delicate flower, but that I haven’t made a space to grow it in about five years. Instead, I’ve been admiring them in other peoples’ gardens. I’ve got another photo of cosmos as seen in the Caribbean coming soon that I think will inspire you too.

Amazingly, just as I was starting to contemplate which variety to grow this year, a sample packet of ‘Rose Bon Bon’ double flowered cosmos arrived in the mail from Renee’s Garden. And done. That was too easy.

One of my favourite posts of all-time, dedicated to cosmos: Love to Hate: Cosmos

Gayla Trail
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6 thoughts on “Cosmos Sulphureus at Scotts Head

  1. We grew Cosmos from seed last year. They were over 7 feet tall and fantastic. But purple. I would LOVE to grow orange ones. Thanks for the alert!

  2. Oops I was so taken with the photo, I commented before reading every word of your post.

    Please sign me up for your group trip.

    Last year you inspired me to try calendula; this year, it will be cosmos.

  3. A gorgeous photo. I like the colour of these Cosmos. I guess I am just tired of seeing the mauve variety ~ how unfair to rank all Cosmos like this. The double ones will be interesting to see. Hope you post pics.

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