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I have a great deal to tell you about the gardening I have been doing over the past weeks. But before I can do that the marginally anal retentive side of me demands that I address my appearance on The National last night. The segment was arranged at the last minute and we had not yet done our seasonal clean-up so there was winter junk strewn about. I had hoped the camera guy could do some “creative” in-camera editing but knew that probably wasn’t the case since he was using a very wide lens. When he walked over to the far end of the deck to take shots of the whole thing I knew my dirty secret was blown and that viewers across Canada would see that sometimes my little rooftop oasis looks like crap! And I imagined that they watched the segment and thought to themselves why go to the trouble when it looks so awful.

In an effort to ever-so-slightly redeem myself in the eyes of the world I present to you photographic evidence that a rooftop container garden IS a beautiful thing.

fulldeck3.jpg deck_spliced.jpg

You can see lots more pictures taken of the rooftop garden over the years on my Flickr account.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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7 thoughts on “Container Gardening – The National

  1. You are a ‘shining star’ in all aspects of the work you do.

    You should have no concerns.

    I am grateful to have discovered your work.

  2. We’re always our own worst critics, you did a great job and everyting looked perfect! btw, your name and name of your book were up on the screen when you started speaking.

  3. There are always times when every gardener’s garden looks like crap. But the times when it looks amazing far outweigh them.

  4. Great segment! I can relate-I have so much to do on my balcony, and I hate having people see it before it’s ‘showable’.

    You have a great sized deck by the way- I am envious. I am also in love with your succulent railing box- will that be something we will hear more about? (other than the ‘pizza prize’ :D)

  5. Thankfully we got it in “showable” condition this weekend so it’s on the way now.

    I have to admit that the good size is one reason why we can’t seem to move. It’s like an extra room during the warm months and no other apartments we see ever compare.

    Yes the new succulent containers are coming up soon. I have made it a tradition to do something different every year. I just wanted to give them a chance to grow in some… stupid squirrels keep chewing on one of the sedums unfortunately and the starlings keep eating the yarrow flowers!

  6. Sorry, just picking my jaw up off the floor. I went through a bit of your Flickr slideshow and…wow! Do I see perennials in those containers and do you let them overwinter in them?

    Very inspiring! I might have to steal a few ideas ;)

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