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4 thoughts on “‘Cherries Jubilee’ Nasturtium

  1. Ciao Gayla-

    I have 2 varieties for you to try next year. One is Caribbean Cocktail, a mix of fuschia pink, not unlike the Cherries Jubilee, very pale yellow, and a gorgeous salmon colour. The other is Night and Day, a mix of the darkest burgundy I’ve seen in a nasturtium including Black Velvet and the whitest. It makes for a very striking border. Both varieties are mounding types, but will creep to a footprint of 3-4 feet out in an ideal location with lots of sun. Sometimes the genetics in nasturtiums will give double flowers. My salmon-coloured Caribbean Cocktail has double flowers but the others are singles. Your Cherries Jubilee is a double. Munchkin grows that in his garden every few years because it’s so compact and doesn’t take over.

    I just love nasturtiums. And sunflowers. I have extra seeds of Cinnamon Sun if you want to give that one a go again.

  2. I too LOVE nasturtiums and have tons of them this year. We love the leaves just as much as we love the flowers….the way the water beads up on the leaves, the way the leaves really stand out in the garden. I grew many varieties and unfortunately did not keep records of names and plantings. I have not had good luck with Empress of India. My favorite one this year may be called Lipstick something….I only grow the red and orange ones….and only singles. And we eat the leaves in our salads too….peppery.

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