Ascent Magazine – June 2008

I was recently profiled in Ascent Magazine’s sustainability issue. This article is the result of one of the best interviews/conversations I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. I kind of wish we could read the interview although I’d imagine it would be a hard one to follow given how much I hemmed


CBC News at Six

The CBC News at Six sent over videographer Michael Dick this morning to shoot a segment on the rising trend in growing food gardens on roof tops for what I believe is tonight’s news. I guess I should have asked. It was still cold and windy on the roof by noon but the sun has

Metro Morning Radio

I’m going to be on the Metro Morning show tomorrow morning at 6:30 am talking about urban gardening. The decision to do this was made under what can only be described as influenced by a fleeting moment of temporary insanity. I am very much NOT a morning person preferring to sleep in past 5 am

Garden Monkey’s Celebrity Hijack

I was recently interviewed for the Garden Monkey’s Celebrity Hijack series. When the mysterious (and totally hilarious) Garden Monkey contacted me about an interview I jumped on the chance because I knew it would be fun. This interview was an absolute joy to answer and a bit of a thinker too. Plus I got to

from Real Simple magazine

Real Simple – The Best Blogs

I am so very proud that You Grow Girl was listed in Real Simple magazine’s The Best Blogs article in their March 2008. And with You Grow Girl turning eight years old this month I can’t help saying that it feels like my baby is growing up. – from Real Simple (March 2008) pg 127-128


Amateur Gardening Magazine

- from Amateur Gardening Magazine (January 19, 2008.) Article by Martyn Cox. Photos (and special thanks) to Garden Monkey who sent these photos.


David Suzuki Foundation Newsletter

Okay. I am sorry because it seems like every other post is just me tooting my own horn about some such nonsense but, really, I can’t believe this. I was just doing a search for something completely unrelated and by total chance came upon a recommendation of my book in the Spring 2007 newsletter of


Recreating Eden

Let’s turn the clock back for a moment to late August 2007. Toronto was experiencing the “worst drought in 50 years” accompanied by a drowning humidity. How an intense lack of water AND a drowning humidity can coexist is beyond me. I’m sure there is a meteorologist out there who can explain it. All I


Gardens Illustrated Dec 2007

-from December 2007 issue of BBC’s Garden’s Illustrated magazine. “Sassy and savvy in its approach, Canadian garden website You Grow Girl has nurtured a thriving online community since it was established in 2000. With regular entries by site creator Gayla Trail, attractive images and lively forums, You Grow Girl is fresh, funny and unconventional —

Organic Gardening Magazine

Grow Where You Are Planted

So I was gonna hold off on this one until it hit new stands but it looks like Organic Gardening Magazine let the cat out of the bag early and has published an article I wrote for the Feb 2008 issue (“Grow Where You Are Planted”) on their website. I really enjoyed writing this article.

American Horticultural Society Article on Gardening Blogs

- American Horticultural Society (November/December 2007 – Volume 86, Number 6) I was interviewed a few month back for an article on gardening blogs entitled, “Virtual Gardening in the Blogosphere” by Doug Green. I will admit that it’s been only about eight months since I began to tentatively tiptoe my way towards even remotely considering

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