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Fondling the Beans

Whenever I get a new pack of bean seeds I am always immediately compelled to open up the packet and inspect the beans. I used to play out this ritual with all seeds but years of seed purchasing and collecting has garnered a familiarity with certain seeds. It’s not that I’ve lost my love for

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Overwintering ‘Oregano’ Thyme

Over the years I’ve made an experiment of trying out new plants to overwinter on my windowsills. These experiments keep me amused over the winter months and provide the first-hand experience with specific varieties required to make solid suggestions. I generally experiment with herbs since they’re the plants we all want on hand most during

Seed Starting Season

The Impending Arrival of Seed Starting Season

Seed starting season is just around the corner. It happens every year and every year I yell to no one and everyone that I’m not ready and could I please just have another day or a week, but it comes anyways. Then again, am I ever ready for anything garden-related? From seed starting season to

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Shifting My Worm Bin

My composting worms are housed in an average-sized bin that we keep in the hallway just outside our apartment door. This spot next to the recycling bin is great three out of four seasons of the year since it saves precious space inside our apartment and is the perfect distance between the roof garden and

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A Hazy Shade of December

For a long list of reasons — many of which I am still in therapy for — I’ve just never been a fan of THE HOLIDAYS. This is why there has always been a distinct lack of HOLIDAY-related nonsense on this site. Pretty much as soon as Dec 1 hits I dive into a hole.

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Warm Winter Wear Drive 2008 Reminder

Just a reminder that the date to get your items shipped out is approaching. I originally said Dec 1 but have decided to give it until Dec 5 because I have been so behind in answering my emails. I’ve got a P.O. Box that you can send it to now, but please do email me

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No Garlic

I think it’s time to let it go and accept the inevitable… that garlic is not going to get into the ground this year. I’m already a month late. Thankfully I predicted this would happen and decided against participating in the Great Canadian Garlic Nerd Fest months ago thereby avoiding not only being pissed at

Warm Winter Wear Drive 2008

Winter is approaching (NOOOOOOOOO!!!) and it is actually starting to get cold out there. Real cold. I have worn hand warmers while walking. Soon it will be full mittens or gloves. Biking now requires a woolen hat that can cover the ears. The horror. All of this serves as a strong reminder that winter is

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Turning Towards Spring

I’m writing this post today for all of you out there, who like me, have hit the cold, hard wall of Winter head-first. If success is measured by achieving an intentional purpose then this has been one of the most successful winters in years. There has been snow, and lots of it. It has been

Photo by Davin Risk

Winter is Cold, News at Eleven

Photo by Davin Risk Sigh. This view of my roof garden from the door feels a million miles away today. Remember summer? Yeah, me neither. If not for photographic evidence I would have to assume these so-called memories are in fact only beautiful delusions. I know many of you in the Southern Hemisphere are in


Oh Festive Tillandsia, Oh Festive Tillandsia

Allow me to introduce to you yet another alternative to the Christmas Tree. A few weeks back I bought this tiny $3.00 string of miniature LED lights meant for creating miniature Winter Wonderlands. I have a thing for miniatures that stems from repeated childhood trips to the Hobby Shop to visit the rotating display of

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners to Make

I know that time is getting tight now as the Holiday Season kicks into gear but I wanted to be sure and mention some gifts to make if you’re coming up dry on ideas for the gardener friend in your life. A lot of these ideas use materials harvested from your own garden but I

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