It Turns Out That While Not Fatal, This Particular Disease Can Not Be Cured

I bought another box of pansies yesterday. This new batch falls primarily within a blacks, dark purples and reds colour palette. Some are frilly. In case you are interested they are as follows: ‘Panola Fire,’ ‘Imperial Antique Shades,’ ‘Frizzle Sizzle Mix’ (for shizzle!), and ‘Accord Black Beauty.’ To catch you up, that makes my forth

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Early Days at the Community Garden Plot

Last fall I decided to participate in a national growing experiment called, The Great Canadian Garlic Collection, wherein hundreds, possibly thousands of gardening nerds are growing garlic, recording their results, and then pooling the data so we can all find out which varieties grow best under varying conditions. Believe me when I say that it

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Early Spring Planting: Pansies and Violas

The weather here in Toronto these past few days has been unreasonably beautiful prompting a flurry of gardening activity on my part. My gardens never seem large enough until I have to clean them up. I have spent the last few days rediscovering all over again that, yes, gardening is a physical activity, working muscle

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

‘Chocolate Cherry’ Sunflowers

I’ve decided to take the plunge back into the world of sunflowers. Anyone gardening in public space knows that sunflowers have a time-sensitive contract out on their lives beginning the moment they bloom. Their big beautiful blooms inspire grabbing hands that MUST rip and tear and have them all to themselves. I’d like to think

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Seeds Brighten a Dull Day

Just when I thought today couldn’t get any worse and that I might waste the day away wallowing in a pity party for one, seeds arrive in the mail. It’s amazing how such a small thing can cheer me up so fully. I’m very determined to experiment with melon varieties this year. I ordered three

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

First Look at a New Tomato

And the winner in the race to germination is… ‘Purple Calabash’ Tomato. Because I know some of you will ask, I will just go ahead and clarify that the drops of water on the leaves fell from condensation that had formed underneath the “greenhouse” lid and onto the leaves when I removed it and are

Photo by Gayla Trail

Ordering Seeds the Hard Way

I recently sent off seed requests via Seeds of Diversity Canada, a seed exchange organization dedicated to the preservation of heritage varieties that I joined last summer. In the face of online ordering, the ease of PayPal transactions, and good ole’ email the whole experience felt downright old-fashioned, involving about three hours of painstaking reading

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Happy Spring Equinox!!

Considering the particularly harsh nature of winter in the north this year, the need to celebrate the solstice/equinox/vernal equinox/whatever they’re calling it these days is stronger than ever. Spring can not arrive fast enough. Do you think blowing on the snow will make it melt faster? From here on out I will be selecting “Spring”

Photo by Gayla Trail

Time to Start the Seeds

It’s been decided. The first round of seed-starting 2008 starts today. I considered shooting a mini video how-to of this procedure to post here but decided against it because it is another miserably grey and sunless day in Toronto and video would require the additional hassle of setting up lights. And of course I would

Photo by Davin Risk

Seed Starting and Springing Ahead

Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are rapidly approaching that last straw part of winter, looking for a little sun and some springtime cheer to warm our hearts, minds and bodies. When you can’t take another minute of winter it’s time to start talking about seed-starting! When I’m looking toward spring I think about

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