Pressed Flowers from the Holy Land

I have a weakness for interesting paper items and pressed flowers so when the two come together resistance is futile. I purchased this small pressed flower card for one dollar from a loose collection at my new favourite store in the known universe, Uncommon Objects. I have been there twice already and plan to make

Photo by Gayla Trail

Acquired in Vancouver

I didn’t buy much in Vancouver — I’m not really a shopper but am more of a walker and picture-taker. In fact everything I acquired in Vancouver was collected within a single block. Upon arriving in the neighbourhood of my scheduled two-hour coffee I happened upon a thrift store that I could not pass by


Spring T-Shirts – PREORDER

With t-shirt weather just around the corner (so “they” say) two of our popular shirts are back. We’ve decided to offer them as a pre-order since this system allows us to make a much, much wider selections of sizes available for a limited time. It also means more colour options. Last year we replaced the

Photo by Gayla Trail

Filed Under “Floral Delusion”

With the hope for spring holding my winter-beaten spirit together, I’ve got organization on the brain. I recently purchased these extra-fancy file folders with a botanical/woodgrain design under the delusion that having pretty folders to look at everyday would inspire hyper-organization of my desk space. A pack of six folders cost $9 CDN which is


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

1. Brown “Jasmin” Ring – $9.00 While these botanically-inspired rings from The Carrotbox have no use in the garden, they are both durable and affordable enough to leave on while gardening. 2. Pot Brush – $29.00 Nothing says romance like a fancy natural bristle brush that makes washing grimy pots easy work. No really! This

Photo by Gayla Trail

A Good Mail Day

Who doesn’t love a good mail day? You know, the kind with items in the mailbox that aren’t bills or the junk coupons and flyers that keep showing up despite the careful note explaining that, “Seriously. For real. We REALLY don’t want that crap delivered to our door.” I received seed catalogues from two companies

Photo by Gayla Trail

First Catalogues of 2008

The first seed catalogues of 2008, Richters Herbs and West Coast Seeds (in that order), recently arrived in my mailbox, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner even if the outdoor temperatures say otherwise. I’m going to admit here that while I have the words, “Start to plan this year’s gardens” jotted

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners to Make

I know that time is getting tight now as the Holiday Season kicks into gear but I wanted to be sure and mention some gifts to make if you’re coming up dry on ideas for the gardener friend in your life. A lot of these ideas use materials harvested from your own garden but I


Everything’s Cool

I watched “Everything’s Cool” yesterday afternoon, hot on the heels of the UN conference on climate change held in Bali last week where my country was globally humiliated ONCE AGAIN by our Prime Minister’s refusal to support a new climate change agreement — an action supported by the rest of the planet, excluding our neighbours to the south.


Hats that Say, Hello World, Yes, I AM a Geek

I’ve been collecting patches, specifically vintage Girl Guide merit badges with a nature or craft theme for years and figured it was about time I actually, you know, did something with them short of keeping them in a box. It’s a nice box and all but I really only look into it approximately one to


The Curious Gardener’s Almanac by Nial Edworthy

Non-fiction The Curious Gardener’s Almanac: Centuries of Practical Garden Wisdom By Nial Edworthy ©2007 Perigee When I first sat down to review The Curious Gardener’s Almanac by Nial Edworthy I began in the most logical place, the introduction. I was immediately smitten. I found the author’s slightly dramatic, yet also dry and mildly self-effacing sense



I realize this reduces my chances of getting one, but I must tell you about Mood Swing Studio’s Abloom collection of necklaces, earrings, and broaches. My favourites are the necklaces, each is one-of-a-kind and lovingly crafted by Kristen using vintage enamel flowers re-appropriated from old-school jewelery. With titles often referring to popular culture or songs,

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