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Let’s Make Tiny Vaginas, Each One Beautiful & Unique

And make our own edible version of Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party! There has been a long and harried internal debate raging in my brain for days over that title. I have avoided making this post, worried that I will offend people by using the anatomically correct word for part of the female anatomy on a

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Grow Great Grub

As I mentioned earlier today it’s been a L O N G year. Actually, it’s been a long year and a half. Or two years. Where am I? I’ve mentioned it briefly here and there but was finally given the go-ahead today to speak freely(ish) about the main project that has been taking up so

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Handy Garden Tip: Hair Bobble Tomato Tie

A friend gave me a pack of these “I Double Heart Jesus” hair bobbles years back and I’ve been trying to find an excuse to keep them ever since. I lived the bulk of my life with long hair until I cut it all off around age 30. Chances are good that I’m well over

Untitled (A Darker Side to Gardening)

Over the weekend, I decided to read Jamaica Kincaid’s “The Autobiography of My Mother” for the second time. Opening the first page, I notice a note scrawled into the top right hand corner in my own handwriting, “pg 143.” Turning to page 143 I find the following passage underlined: “He had an obsessive interest in

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Terrain at Styers

I spent Arbor Day weekend in the countryside outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, speaking and conducting workshops at Terrain, the new garden center opened by the company that owns Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, among others. The best word or phrase I can come up with to describe Terrain, besides stunningly beautiful is well-appointed. It is by

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Fiskars Telescoping 12-Foot Tree Pruner

Fiskars, makers of the famous orange-handled crafting scissors and assorted gardening pruners, among other things (turns out they make boats too. o-kay), recently sent me their Power Stroke Telescoping Pruning Stik 12-Foot Tree Pruner as a solution to a problem we’ve been having at the community garden with weed trees taking over and throwing shade


What It Is

You all made some great guesses and invented some interesting products while trying to guess what was underneath the many miles of bubble wrap. I’ll take the seed bomb launcher, the combine for a container wheat field, or the automatic garden weeder, please. One guess was really close, but went a bit too far. (Daniel:

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On My Gardening Bookshelves

I recently did an interview with Mari Malcolm of the Amazon blog about the garden books I keep on my own bookshelf. It was a fun interview to do. I love, love, love books and have a pretty extensive collection of gardening books ranging from the contemporary to old. Some are useful resources and some


NEW Gardening Stuff!

We’ve produced some new products for spring, both of which are a LONG time coming. I’ve been using “Gardening for the People” as the You Grow Girl slogan for years now (in case you’re curious the first slogan used back in 2000 was “Secrets of the Plant Kingdom Revealed”). The mug (I often drink my


Free Back Issues of Organic Gardening

Hell, yes. here’s something to help you… or… ummm… me… get through the last days of winter. Eighteen back issues of Organic Gardening magazine, dating from 2005 to 2008 are available in their entirety for free viewing on Google books. I love it when magazines do this, although it doesn’t compel me to get rid

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