On Sunday I travelled to Hamilton, Ontario to attend a number of events. The first was a book signing at a fantastic independant art supply store called “Mixed Media.” I was really impressed with the store which offered so much more than art supplies including zines, crafty works by local artists, and a wide breadth

Don’t Plant, Do Plant

I came across this “Don’t Plant a Pest” brochure put out by the California Invasive Plant Council that could be handy for those of you in the Bay Area. I like that instead of listing invasives with a stern warning against planting, they offer reasonable alternatives and solutions.


Affordable Gifts For Gardeners (To Buy)

I’m not one to go nuts with the gardening products since a lot of required gardening materials are either one-time buys (like good shears), tools and containers that can be purchased used, or items that can be fashioned from recycled materials (i.e. plastic water bottles) — I am the queen of the plastic water bottle.


Hello Hamilton!

I’m going to be doing a couple of events on Sunday, January 14. 2007 in Hamilton, Ontario. If you’re in the area do come out to one or both of these events and say hi! You Grow Girl Book signing at Mixed Media 174 James St. N. (at Cannon) 905-529-2323 11:30am – 12:30 [Note: Store


Compostable Dishware

I discovered these compostable cups made of a sugar industry derivative called “bagasse” while partaking in my weekly cup of solar-roasted cacao drink at the Farmer’s Market. That’s my used cup in the photo above. Online environmental products store Branch carries a complete line of “bagasse” dinnerware, and at $2-4 for a pack of 50

The Future of Food

I recently sat down and watched, The Future of Food, a documentary that investigates the problems we face in the industrialization and corporatization of food production. Wow, I can’t say enough about this film and am sorry it took me this long to make a point to watch it. If you have any questions about

Compostable Bag

Compostable Bags

Good on Mountain Equipment Co-op in implementing the use of compostable, biodegradable bags in their stores. We use canvas bags and avoid taking plastic whenever possible, but I am really happy to see a real alternative moving into the marketplace. From the site: “Unlike older “biodegradable” plastic bags, BioBags are 100% compostable and biodegradable, and

Recycled Garden + Contest

I’ve started a new contest on the site. The prizes are copies of Tsia Carson’s book, “Craftivity.” I tend to make contests that are simple to enter but thought it would be fun to do one that is more interactive. I love to see the inventive things you are doing in your gardens. I also


Does Not Contain Spinach

Oh man. I don’t know what to make of the level of paranoia we’ve reached about the recent spinach/ecoli outbreak that has compelled Epic Roots, grower and distributor of mache to go this far in disassociating their product from the maligned leafy vegetable. First the pulp news casts featuring headlines asking, “Is organic food a

Garden Centres of America Interactive Map

This interactive map is a neat online gadget that allows you to locate garden centres and nurseries in your area. I can see the value in something like this when you’re visiting a new area or new in town. I mean, it took me years to dig up a fairly large garden centre within the

Garlic Lessons Learned

Guest post by Emira Mears The only remaining bulbs I had on my list to plant for the Fall was my garlic. Planting out the garlic required a bit more preparation as I had to clean up some space in my veggie beds getting rid of finished beans, cukes and some arugula that had bolted

Grinding Herbs

Guest post by Amy Urquhart Today I got around to grinding up my dried herbs. Why? Because I found a great deal on a coffee bean grinder at Loblaws…$9.99! It worked really well. Each weekend lately I’ve been harvesting from the garden whatever edibles I can. I managed to bring in almost all of the

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