Making a Community Garden

Parkdale, the neighborhood where I have made my home for most of my adult life houses approximately 75% of its residents in apartments with 38% residing in high-rise towers without access to outdoor space. This neighbourhood is incredibly diverse with people hailing from literally all over the world. It’s an excellent example why Toronto is


Water for All Occassions

This is one of the smartest rain barrel contraptions I have seen, spotted at the Alex Wilson Community Garden here in Toronto. They don’t have access to a downspout but turned that around by setting up some kind of pipe system that funnels rainwater into this massive tub that also probably collect some amount of

You Grow Girl in Shameless Magazine

I’m proud to be included in the recent issue of Shameless Magazine, an independent magazine for strong, smart, and sassy teen girls that breaks the mold of the typical diet tips and beauty trends magazine. I interviewed with writer Caroline Pelletier on growing food which can be found on pages 18-19. Here’s what I said

Prince Charles, Slow Food, and Sustainable Agriculture

A friend of mine recommended this New York Times piece about Prince Charles and his involvement in the Slow Food Movement. Be sure to listen to his speech on small-scale and sustainable agriculture given at the Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy (2004). “The one resource the developing world has in abundance is people so


Newsweek (April 9, 2007)

- from Newsweek “For a Greener Garden” (April 9, 2007.) Interviewed for an article on the topic of Green Gardening and ecologically sound growing tips. -page 87

Photo by Gayla Trail

Cherry Blossoms

We’re sitting just on the cusp of cherry blossom season here in Toronto. They generally make their stunning appearance in late April/early May. The following poem was included in my local Farmer’s Market newsletter and I couldn’t resist posting it here as a beacon of hope for those of us who have been stuck with

Chickens Photo by Gayla Trail


I often dream of hens clucking around in a small garden pecking at bugs and laying fresh, organic eggs but alas that is not going to happen living in the cold, white north with no backyard or shelter against raccoons and minus will-it-never-end winters. And seriously, that was an actual question. Will winter never end?

Photo by Gayla Trail

La Plaza Cultural

Once again I am trying to catch up on the garden visits I have made over the last three months. La Plaza Cultural is a community garden in New York City’s Alphabet City neighborhood (9th and Avenue C) that I have visited twice but only from the outside. But what a fantastic outside it is.


Blast From the Past

Jennifer Perkins of the famous Naughty Secretary Club just reposted this interview we did… a whole bunch of years ago. I have to admit that when I saw her message in my inbox my first thought was, “Oh [insert expletive here], what did I say to embarrass myself?” Thankfully there is no blackmail material in

Seedy Saturday 2007

Seedy Saturday 2007

Another Seedy Saturday has come and gone and as usual I went in with big ideas but didn’t quite make it to all the booths. However, this year I can proudly say that I made a list and mostly stuck to it! What’s more, most of my items were trades — a staggering four packs

Seedy Saturdays

It is no secret that Seedy Saturday is by far my very favourite gardening event of the year. It’s a great way to trade and purchase local, organic and heirloom seeds and support small gardening and seed suppliers. It is also a turning point in moving forward from out of winter and starting to think

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