Assorted and Sundry for 08/05/02

Toronto Backyard Chickens Petition – Long-term readers of the site will know I have a fixation with chickens. Keeping chickens is pretty high up on my life to-do list but there are several key issues currently blocking this life goal. 1. I don’t have a backyard nor do I have a warm place to house

Assorted and Sundry for 08/04/16

2008 Mouse & Trowel Finalists – Not begging for your vote. Nope. Definitely not doing that. The War for Seeds – The French seed bank Kokopelli was recently fined and taken to court by the French government and corporate seed merchant Baumaux for selling rare seed varieties that aren’t on the official EU-approved list. The


Spring-Inspired Crafts

If you’re still waiting to see actual flowers in bloom these cheerful, flowery crafts should do the trick. Crochet a flower necklace according to Crochet Me’s brilliant project instructions. Even the chain is crocheted! Follow along with Artsy-Crafty Babe’s tutorial for making floral button pins. I may just get through that massive box of random

Assorted and Sundry for 08/03/28

Mouse and Trowel Awards 2008 – Vote for your favourite garden blogs. Earth Hour – Turn your lights off for an hour starting at 8pm tomorrow night. March 29, 2008. Buying Organic – This buying guide chart from Good Magazine illustrates the who’s who of the burgeoning organic food market. Not the small independents you

Assorted and Sundry for 08/02/28

Micheal Pollan on The Hour speaking about his new book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. When the weight of a dollar is greater than the value of the earth – A great post from Renee on the rapidly changing face of organics. Green Roofs: An Introduction with Pretty Pictures [thanks Leela] – I

Michael Pollan – Ted Talk

Unfortunately when it comes to Mr. Michael Pollan I can not seem to get past an unfortunate and debilitating case of “teenage fan girl ridiculousness” (squeal!) to write about his work with a modicum of professionalism. If you haven’t heard of his writings and work already I would highly suggest running out and getting a

Assorted and Sundry

Cat5 Macrame Plant Hanger (via Make Blog) — It’s made from recycled ethernet cable! Dewey Donation 2008 Book Drive – Anyone who loves books can relate to the sense of wonder and hope they can create in children’s lives…. and adult lives too of course. Every year the Dewey Donation System chooses a library in


Back from Vancouver

I just returned from a solo sojourn to Vancouver where it was rainy and green, unlike Toronto the city I left just after a snowstorm and returned to in a snowstorm. In fact it has been so snowy here in Toronto I almost didn’t make it back. Previous flights that day had been canceled and


Gardens Illustrated Dec 2007

-from December 2007 issue of BBC’s Garden’s Illustrated magazine. “Sassy and savvy in its approach, Canadian garden website You Grow Girl has nurtured a thriving online community since it was established in 2000. With regular entries by site creator Gayla Trail, attractive images and lively forums, You Grow Girl is fresh, funny and unconventional —


Knit a Beet

Check this pattern for a knit beet by Berroco. I love the leaf veining and frilled edges. What I would actually do with a knit beet beyond have it sit on my desk looking pretty is beyond me, but so what. It’s a beet! Made of yarn! I’m imagining leaves knit in shades of burgundy

Hello Vancouver!

I’ll be heading your way next week to do a garden craft segment on the new HGTV craft show “She’s Crafty.” I was able to have dinner with a bunch of You Grow Girl readers and members last time I was in Vancouver 2 years ago so I thought it would be good to do

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