Seed-Starting Tags/Chart

As per usual I did not read instructions and jumped headfirst into converting Goldtop’s cute Seed-Starting Chart into little seedling pot tags. Turns out they are great for either purpose. I printed mine on cardstock, cut them out, and attached to tongue depressors. I did not have anything important to write in the notes section

Crocheted Windowsill Cozy

Windowsill Cozy

Here’s the follow-up to last week’s Toasty Pot Coaster project. This windowsill warmer is easily crocheted much like coaster using double crochets and shell stitches as a decorative edge. Start by measuring the width and depth of your windowsill. Make chains until the width matches the width of your sill. Double crochet into each chain,

Toasty Pot Coaster

Toasty Pot Coaster

Like many apartments mine boasts poorly insulated windows and baseboard electric heating. Yep, it’s a keeper. With the weather being in the high My Ass is About to Fall Offs I’ve been scheming ingenious ways to keep the plants that are stuck enduring their fate on the cold windowsill warm and alive through these dark

I’m on the Stereo, Stereo-o

I’m going to be interviewed live on “The Artist’s Lifestyle” talking about You Grow Girl, gardening, and the art. When: Tuesday, Jan 30. 5:30-6:00pm What: 93.3 FM CFMU To listen online: Go to the website and click on “webcast” [left sidebar].


Warm Winter Wear Drive Update

Last week I took 4 boxes of gorgeous, warm, handmade, winter items (and one You Grow Girl book) to The Redwood Women’s Shelter here in Toronto. These boxes were the result of this year’s You Grow Girl Warm Winter Wear Drive. I tied each item with a pretty string of yarn and added a gift

Photo by Renee Garner

Recycled Garden Contest Winners

The Recycled Garden Contest has come to a close. Myself and a team of impartial judges have voted and decided on two entires that have each won a copy of Tsia Carson’s book, Craftivity. Just to refresh, here are the details: This time around the contest has a theme in keeping with the spirit of


It Lives

I’ve recently become interested in photographing the decaying garden. It started in the spring when I spent an hour photographing a garden while it was still brown but on the verge of exploding into green. I’m starting to appreciate both the garden and nature’s seasons on the whole. I’ve always had such a block towards

Recycled Garden + Contest

I’ve started a new contest on the site. The prizes are copies of Tsia Carson’s book, “Craftivity.” I tend to make contests that are simple to enter but thought it would be fun to do one that is more interactive. I love to see the inventive things you are doing in your gardens. I also

Fall Arrangement

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Well it took a couple of weeks, but I think I have finally accepted Fall. Once the windows were closed, the houseplants brought indoors, and the knitting projects pulled out there was no turning back. Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada. We are a non-traditional household who generally ignore most holidays, but we like Thanksgiving

YGG Warm Winter Wear Drive

What: Knit or crochet up beautiful, warm woolies for charity. Mittens, arm warmers, hats, and scarves are all fantastic. A YGG forum member suggests keyhole scarves as anything that wraps around the neck can be uncomfortable and even unsafe for women coming from violent experiences. New items made by you only please. To Support: Redwood

Deconstructing the Shed

Guest post by Renee Garner Several years ago, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum hosted The Other Flower Show. Ten renowned artists were invited to transform a museum-provided garden shed into a work of art. The result was an exhibit conceptually based around the method of gardening rather than the garden itself. The following artists each

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