This post (I kind of hate that word to describe writing here) is going to be piecemeal, a quality that is indicative of my life right now as I float or rather scramble from one task to another in an attempt to keep up with the season and my workload. I’ve been trying to write

Photo by Davin Risk All Rights Reserved

An Edible Bouquet: Chive Blossoms

I came up with this idea while on assignment for Budget Living magazine. The idea was approved but sadly the magazine folded shortly thereafter and I was never able to see this concept to fruition. The editor had asked me to come up with something for wedding season, a request that kind of made me


Spring-Inspired Crafts

If you’re still waiting to see actual flowers in bloom these cheerful, flowery crafts should do the trick. Crochet a flower necklace according to Crochet Me’s brilliant project instructions. Even the chain is crocheted! Follow along with Artsy-Crafty Babe’s tutorial for making floral button pins. I may just get through that massive box of random

Photo by Gayla Trail

Happy Spring Equinox!!

Considering the particularly harsh nature of winter in the north this year, the need to celebrate the solstice/equinox/vernal equinox/whatever they’re calling it these days is stronger than ever. Spring can not arrive fast enough. Do you think blowing on the snow will make it melt faster? From here on out I will be selecting “Spring”

Photo by Gayla Trail

Acquired in Vancouver

I didn’t buy much in Vancouver — I’m not really a shopper but am more of a walker and picture-taker. In fact everything I acquired in Vancouver was collected within a single block. Upon arriving in the neighbourhood of my scheduled two-hour coffee I happened upon a thrift store that I could not pass by

Photo by Gayla Trail

Flower Flair

Look at the pretty floral pin I made thanks to some scrap yarn and my new Vintage Flower Loom Kit purchased from Cathy of California. I have been collecting old-school crafting books and booklets for years and happen to have some of the booklets Cathy’s kits feature but have never come across the actual little


Knit a Beet

Check this pattern for a knit beet by Berroco. I love the leaf veining and frilled edges. What I would actually do with a knit beet beyond have it sit on my desk looking pretty is beyond me, but so what. It’s a beet! Made of yarn! I’m imagining leaves knit in shades of burgundy

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners to Make

I know that time is getting tight now as the Holiday Season kicks into gear but I wanted to be sure and mention some gifts to make if you’re coming up dry on ideas for the gardener friend in your life. A lot of these ideas use materials harvested from your own garden but I



I realize this reduces my chances of getting one, but I must tell you about Mood Swing Studio’s Abloom collection of necklaces, earrings, and broaches. My favourites are the necklaces, each is one-of-a-kind and lovingly crafted by Kristen using vintage enamel flowers re-appropriated from old-school jewelery. With titles often referring to popular culture or songs,


Seed Pod Poster

I’m in love with Renee’s drawings of seed pods poster. The perfect mix of science and pretty. $18.00

Photo by Gayla Trail

La Plaza Cultural

Once again I am trying to catch up on the garden visits I have made over the last three months. La Plaza Cultural is a community garden in New York City’s Alphabet City neighborhood (9th and Avenue C) that I have visited twice but only from the outside. But what a fantastic outside it is.

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