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Floral Thailand: A Slideshow

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I went to Thailand. One of the things that struck me while there was the inspired use of floral motifs in all design, whether architectural or fabric. I even saw fruits and vegetables intricately carved to look like flowers. The following pictures were all taken

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Make Your Own Herbal Bath Tea

This is an old project that I originally posted to this site back in the early 2000′s. It was lost when we switched over to a new design, but I’ve brought it back in time for holiday gift-making. (p.s. the photos are small due to the original page design) You can expect a few more

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Stealing Plants? You Suck.

I took advantage of the overcast conditions on Saturday afternoon to plant out some perennials into the street garden. And since I just used the words street garden (along with the above photo) you can probably predict where this is going. The next morning I went outside, looked over at the garden, and found a

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

A Swell Fencing and Privacy Screen Idea

While in St. Lucia I was given a tour of Jade Mountain eco resort. I’ll save the interesting gardening and botanical design features for another day; however, take a look at this simple, yet elegant fencing or privacy screen idea. We found this in the parking lot of all places. When you’re the #1 resort


Now In Colour (For a Limited Time)

Last night, at a party, artist Prashant Miranda painted my tattoo with watercolours. Please go have a look at his journal pages. Prepare to be blown away. Since getting the tattoo last year (drawn by Davin Risk), loads of people have asked me if I am going to get it coloured in. I’m still debating

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Happy Summer Solstice, 2009

In celebration of the advent of summer, my partner Davin replaced the chalkboard portion of this frame with a new one (the old had become warped from a year spent outdoors) and made the first drawing of the season. Our goal this year is to document all the drawings on the board with a photo.

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Botanical iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

My partner Davin Risk, designer extraordinaire and creator of the visual arts magazine MakingRoom (among other things) designed three beautiful botanical wallpapers that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iTouch for free in just a few clicks. Thanks Davin! METHOD 1: Straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch 1. If you are browsing You

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Herbal Pillows for All Occassions

I have already stated that I don’t care for the Holidays, and yet there are a few staples that I do enjoy: cooking and eating good food, making bath products for friends, super tacky over-the-top decoration, and sewing little herbal squares. I’m not sure what it is about the last one. I suppose it started

Photo by Davin Risk All Rights Reserved

As You Might Have Imagined, It’s Botanical

I got a tattoo. I feel a little silly saying it since there is something kind of odd really about having artwork permanently etched onto one’s body. And despite what anyone has ever told you, getting a tattoo hurts. So, paying someone to essentially scratch me repeatedly for hours on end with a cluster of

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A Hazy Shade of December

For a long list of reasons — many of which I am still in therapy for — I’ve just never been a fan of THE HOLIDAYS. This is why there has always been a distinct lack of HOLIDAY-related nonsense on this site. Pretty much as soon as Dec 1 hits I dive into a hole.

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Miniature Ring Diorama

Back when I wrote about the Gather, Circle Moss ring I mentioned thoughts about adding a little figurine, turning the ring into a miniature diorama on my finger. Well, what do you know, a package arrived in the mail yesterday from Amy, the ring’s creator, containing a tiny figurine of a man holding a hose

Photo by Davin Risk All Rights Reserved

Davin’s Nasturtium

Davin drew this chalk pastel of a nasturtium blossom on a piece of discarded Polaroid paper while I took Polaroids of tomatoes.

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