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Seed Starting and Springing Ahead

Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are rapidly approaching that last straw part of winter, looking for a little sun and some springtime cheer to warm our hearts, minds and bodies. When you can’t take another minute of winter it’s time to start talking about seed-starting! When I’m looking toward spring I think about

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Mix Up Your Own Seed Starting Mix

I posted this recipe a year ago but it is buried in a larger post and I decided it would be better-accessed if it had its own place. Making your own mix is SUPER easy and worth the small effort if you are growing a lot of seedlings. Seed-Starting Mix These are the ratios I

Photo by Gayla Trail

A Good Mail Day

Who doesn’t love a good mail day? You know, the kind with items in the mailbox that aren’t bills or the junk coupons and flyers that keep showing up despite the careful note explaining that, “Seriously. For real. We REALLY don’t want that crap delivered to our door.” I received seed catalogues from two companies

Photo by Gayla Trail

First Catalogues of 2008

The first seed catalogues of 2008, Richters Herbs and West Coast Seeds (in that order), recently arrived in my mailbox, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner even if the outdoor temperatures say otherwise. I’m going to admit here that while I have the words, “Start to plan this year’s gardens” jotted



I took this photo back in October (Is it really very nearly the end of the year already?) on our trip to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately, I can not recall which plant this is. I might have known what it was when I took the photo having more of the plant for context. And


Kokopelli Seed Foundation

I want this book! We took a week off last month, staying at the home of an avid tomato gardener whose name I have not sought permission to reveal (and therefore will not). While there she introduced me to the Kokopelli Seed Foundation, a non-profit organization based in France who are working to actively address


Kitazawa Seeds

Sure we’re already mid-way into the growing season but it’s not too late to plant seeds and it is certainly not too late to buy seeds with pretty packaging. I found these Asian seeds by Kitazawa Seed Co. at Soko Hardware in an Francisco’s Japantown and could not resist their understated but well-designed packages for

Public Service Announcement

Gaze upon this lineup of vine-ripened tomatoes I photographed last fall in my pal Amy’s garden. Remember fresh, ripe, sweet, rich, juicy tomatoes? On toast. With fresh, homegrown basil. Don’t forget to get your tomato seedlings started so you can enjoy these babies come August! And if you’re in Toronto next week I’ll be giving


Toilet Roll Seed-Starter

UPDATE March 2014: I see each growing season as an opportunity to do better than the last and as a result I rarely stick with one “right way” to do things. I wrote this article back in 2007 (7 years ago) and it reflects how I used toilet paper rolls as seed-starting cells at the


This is What $80 in Seeds Looks Like

Sooooooo……….. I’m ready for my intervention. Approximately $80 worth of seeds (plus duty charged by Canada Post) showed up in the mail over the last few days. That would be in addition to the COUNTLESS seeds I already have. And the ones that are turning into little seedlings under lights. And the seeds I will


Seed-Starting Tags/Chart

As per usual I did not read instructions and jumped headfirst into converting Goldtop’s cute Seed-Starting Chart into little seedling pot tags. Turns out they are great for either purpose. I printed mine on cardstock, cut them out, and attached to tongue depressors. I did not have anything important to write in the notes section

Lots of tomatoes.  Grown on my rooftop in containers.

Tomatoes to Grow in Containers (or anywhere else for that matter)

Since I have begun talking about seeds and showing photos of my little seedlings, people have been writing in to ask me what I’m growing. I have been purposefully avoiding saying too much about my choices this year because a large number of the varieties I am growing are new-to-me. I have a tendency to

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