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These are a Few of My Favourite Peas

These are the pea varieties I like best and am growing again this year. ‘Tom Thumb’ and ‘Dwarf Grey Sugar’ go in pots and everything else goes in even larger pots or in-ground at the community garden. I meant to write a post about planting my peas ages ago (peas generally go in early, as


Welcome and Seeds of Diversity 25th Anniversary

Hello fellow gardeners. If you’re coming from today’s Globe and Mail article, the full story about the tobacco gardener is here. If you’d like seeds, I’ve got loads (I’m not going to grow them) and am happy to pass them on in the spirit they were given to me. Please send a self addressed stamped

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

How to Grow Microgreens on a Windowsill

Winter is slowly coming to an end around here and it is nearly time to start lettuce outdoors. Until then I’ve been growing and harvesting small batches of micro-sized greens on my windowsill as a way to keep some salad fixings coming through the darkest and longest days of winter. Microgreens are tender and tangy

Lucha Libre Fighter Seed Collection

This should be the last list for the season, unless something else catches my eye. It’s time now to shift to the serious work of getting my seeds started! ‘Ancho Gigantea’ Hot Pepper ‘Negro Azteca’ Tomato ‘Aztec 10′ Tomato – An entire crew of luchadores. ‘Fireball’ Tomato ‘Texas Wild’ Tomato ‘Ring of Fire’ Hot Pepper

Olde Thymey Seed Collection

Having been through an awful lot of seed catalogues I can say with a certain authority that the people who create varieties love an olde thymey name. Either that or they name the varieties after themselves or a great, great aunt and it just works out that way. Especially the beans. It’s always the beans!

Filed Under “UMMMMM… HUH?” Seed Collection

Why is it always the bush beans and the tomatoes with the most absurd names? Some variety names are just plain confusing. And weird. Possibly a little bit embarrassing. ‘Kung Poo’ Sweet Pepper – The description reads, “Very red. Nice flavour.” And they got ‘Kung Poo’ from that? ‘Black Master’ Tomato – This one makes

All of the Double Entendres

I’m thinking about picking myself up some ‘Hookers’…. sweet corn that is. Har! No, but seriously. While perusing the Seeds of Diversity 2009 Member Seed Directory I stumbled upon ‘Hookers’ Sweet Corn, a variety that is described as great for containers and small spaces with kernels that turn blue/black when mature. [Seeds of Change sells

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Seed Organizing

Miracle of miracles! Not only have I managed to begin my seed purchasing and acquiring process on time this year but I also spent a few hours the other night organizing them all. Ironic that the year I manage this feat is in a crazy busy one when I also happen to be unsure about

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Getting My Seeds Lined Up in a Row

It feels like I’m going to be able to be more forthcoming with the garden projects I’ve got going on this year so I thought I would take advantage of the freedom by posting all the seeds I buy or acquire by trade, gifts, etc. When I bought bean seeds the other day I also

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Fondling the Beans

Whenever I get a new pack of bean seeds I am always immediately compelled to open up the packet and inspect the beans. I used to play out this ritual with all seeds but years of seed purchasing and collecting has garnered a familiarity with certain seeds. It’s not that I’ve lost my love for

Seed Starting Season

The Impending Arrival of Seed Starting Season

Seed starting season is just around the corner. It happens every year and every year I yell to no one and everyone that I’m not ready and could I please just have another day or a week, but it comes anyways. Then again, am I ever ready for anything garden-related? From seed starting season to

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Saving Seeds and Making Pickles

Greetings from the hermit’s nest where I am working feverishly, both figuratively and unfortunately quite literally through what I can only describe as a marathon of deadlines. This summer has revolved 100% around gardening and food, a focus that promises to continue through the fall and well into winter. Actually I’ll still be at, although

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