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Things You Can Compost That You Didn’t Think You Could

While writing the composting section for the new book, it occurred to me that my list in book one was rather incomplete and only covered some of the things we compost at home. There’s a surprising number of common, everyday items that are fit for the compost, yet many gardeners tend to stick to the

Food for Freedom

I’m going to be giving another presentation on Guerrilla Gardening tomorrow at the Style at Home Show as a part of Eco Day. The gardening presentations start at noon. Mine will be at 2pm. Here’s the write-up: Learn about the many ways that people are “greening the city” by planting small gardens in out-of-the-way corners

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Eco-Me Cat Starter Kit

Eco-Me specializes in D.I.Y natural cleaning, bath and home products and kits. The idea is a bit unusual: rather than simply selling natural products, they provide the recipes, reusable containers and tools, and essential oils so that you can make your own. Many of us, most especially those that are new to green living are

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Garden Tour: Columbus, Ohio

While in Columbus, Ohio I had the good fortune to be given a tour of school gardens courtesy of Susan Weber and Noreen Warnock of Local Matters. Local Matters is an organization seeking to expand fresh food availability and accessibility to residents of Central Ohio. They are involved in a number of initiatives from community

Taste T.O. Interview

“What that kind of attitude and approach is saying over and over again is that gardening is not for you; you don’t belong here.” I met up with Teresa Cheng a few weeks ago for lunch at my favourite long-time local eatery, Cafe Bernate for an in-person interview to talk about urban gardening, growing food,

Food Gardening is on the Rise

More and more publications are reporting on the changing tide towards growing our own food, most especially in urban areas. This is something I can sense with my own eyes and ears as more and more community gardens crop up in every city I visit, and as more and more emails flood my inbox with

The Earth-Loving, Tree-Hugging Hippies Inside Us

This whole Earth Day thing has me a bit puzzled. Come to think of it most [Insert Cause Here] Days are oddly perplexing. Maybe it’s just human nature to take things for granted, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the fact that we have to set aside a special day once


Just. Plain. Dirty.

It sure is “ironic” when a notoriously litigious company comes out with an ad campaign that looks and sounds awfully familiar. And I do mean awful. I can not bring myself to point to the website. Davin Risk’s photograph of my “dirt manicure” published last year. If the products based on fostering a chemical dependency,


Compostable Coffee Bag

I discovered this message on the bottom of the 1lb bag of coffee beans I purchased about a month ago and thought I would look into PLA and try my hand at composting the bag to see how easily it could be done. The issue here isn’t the paper itself (although that is an issue

Tokyo Gardening: Making Gardens with No Space

You must head over to Ping Magazine and take a look at this photo-essay on Guerilla Greening in Tokyo. With only 4% of the city allocated for green space and no yards to speak of, residents have found unique ways to garden and green public spaces. What an inspiration! I found the part about three-tiered


Everything’s Cool

I watched “Everything’s Cool” yesterday afternoon, hot on the heels of the UN conference on climate change held in Bali last week where my country was globally humiliated ONCE AGAIN by our Prime Minister’s refusal to support a new climate change agreement — an action supported by the rest of the planet, excluding our neighbours to the south.


Lessons Learned from an Unseasonably Warm Autumn

I took this photo of a field of Gaillardia growing on a hillside on the Leslie Spit back in July before The Worst Drought in Fifty Years took a hold and sent lots of plants into hiatus on a short term or permanent basis. On a return visit in late August I found only a

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