Stinging Nettle (Pinhole)

A photo I took for World Pinhole Photography Day, an event that just happened to coincide with my first stinging nettle foraging expeditition of the season. I am an accomplished multi-tasker.

Stinging Nettle Tea

Foraging Stinging Nettles

I went out foraging stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) last weekend. I harvested young leaves for eating and have set aside most to be made into a liquid fertilizer for my plants. Stinging nettle is very high in magnesium and iron making it good for both your bod and your plants’ too. I went out partially

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Hortopita — It’s Really Good!

Davin and I went on a dandelion picking mission at the community garden the other day, harvesting what we thought was enough to make the dandelion Hortopita recipe. As we picked, I repeatedly muttered that I didn’t think we had enough. I went to the garden without reviewing the recipe for amounts but I was

Dandelion greens

Dandelion Greens

My new plot at the community garden has been a revelation. I have enjoyed my time there and am thoroughly bummed that it will all be done in a month — I don’t want this gardening season to end! The plot is in the sun and has not only opened up new in-ground growing opportunities,

Foraging in the City

Guest post by Amy Urquhart This article in today’s Toronto Star is interesting. It’s about people harvesting from neglected or owner-less trees in the city. It made me think about an apple tree that is sitting off the side of the exit ramp I take every day on my way home from work. It’s just

Healing with Dandelions

Guest post by Emira Mears There are a few things I have an abundance of in my garden without trying. They may be familiar to you: dandelions, chickweed and horsetail. And while I curse a blue streak as I remove the horsetail, I can’t help but think of my amazing friend Signy each time I

Herb Tea Fertilizer

Plant Shall Eat Plant

Make Herb Tea Fertilizer Did you know you can make liquid fertilizer for your plants using other plants? Sounds like floral cannibalism but it’s not unlike compost when you think about it. Some plants are high in particular nutrients which can be extracted in the same way that you would make a medicinal tea for

Weeds in Your Garden — Bite Back!

By Susun Weed I always say the gardener’s best revenge is to eat the weeds. I’ve been doing it for thirty years and can testify that my health and the health of my garden has never been better. Here are a few hints for gardeners who’d rather eat their weeds than hate them (and for

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