Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #1: My First Plant

I hope you enjoy this first writing prompt. Future prompts will range from simple to complicated and silly to serious. Some will be straight ahead and others will be surprising and unexpected. Please join the newsletter if you’d like to be notified when prompts are posted to this site. In interviews, I am often asked

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

The Grow Write Guild

Note: You can skip my explanation and go straight to the Grow Write Guild page to find out more. Tell More Stories. Back in December I declared that this was my goal moving forward. The more I know about gardening and the more I write about it, the more I see that it is all

Bird on a Budget

Drawing from Nature: Bird on a Budget

I kept talking Gayla’s ear off about drawing in these hardcover engineering log books I remembered from highschool physics class. Something about drawing on top of those thin blue/green grids pulled at some aesthetic urge in me. This week she found the next best thing in a thrift store, an old bound Blueline ledger. Above

Vernal Harginger

Drawing from Nature: Vernal Harbinger

As the Vernal Equinox draws tantalizingly close, the birds can sense the coming change. Already, their calls are more raucous in the mornings — their numbers are increased on branches excited for above-zero days and equalized day and night. Where we live, we can’t really count on true Spring weather until later in April but

Vivid Bird

Drawing from Nature: Vivid Bird

Hello, and welcome to the start of something a bit different here on You Grow Girl. First off, don’t be alarmed, this is not Gayla typing these words… this is Gayla’s partner Davin. I lurk around behind the scenes most the time assisting with the design and technical upkeep of the site. Gayla has occasionally

Coffee dyed thread photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Dyeing Fibre with Plants

Last summer I resolved to try and make further use of the plants that I grow by employing them as natural textile dyes. When their season was through, I did a few experiments, dying various fabric scraps with the burgundy leaves and immature blooms of the large false roselle plants I had grown that year.

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Shopping for Seed Starting Gear at the Dollar Store

While I will always promote gleaning your gardening gear from the recycling bin or second-hand via garage sales and thrift stores, there are times when buying new is required. A lot of gardeners looking to save money have been turning to the dollar store over the past few years, especially since many chains have been

Illustration of Tomato Lifecycle by Davin Risk: All Rights Reserved

The Lifecycle of a Garden Tomato

Davin surprised me with this drawing on our kitchen chalkboard this morning. I know that some of you in the warmer regions have already started your tomato seeds. Around here I still have a month(ish) to go before I will start my first batch of dwarf varieties. Which varieties are you growing or planning to

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Embroider a Tulip Tree Leaf Bookmark

I needed a bookmark, so I made one. Random scraps of paper and bus transfers do the work of marking my place in a book, but they are not special. They just are. I knew it had to be botanical, because… exhibit a thru z… and it was a pressed leaf that provided the inspiration.


Herbaria (January 16, 2013): The All Hardy Cacti Edition

As previously mentioned, I decided to stop posting weekly from my ongoing Herbaria project. However, I am still assembling the boxes and taking the photos each week and hope to make this into something bigger once the full year is up in May. Until then they will make an appearance now and again rather than

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Heck, Yeah! Floral Embroidery from Northern Thailand

I bought these bright and colourful botanical-themed embroidered panels in a little textiles shop near(ish) to the hotel we were put up in in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This shop was full of embroidered textiles, but I honed straight in on the old pieces in various stages of disrepair and ignored the new. This one is

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Cross Stitch Seedlings Medallion

Until recently it had been at least a year since I picked up a needle and thread to embroider or cross stitch and I was itching to get back into it. I took some time over the holidays to rekindle the interest and now it is back, bigger than ever. I am stitching up a

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