Easy Peasy Birdbath

Guest post by Renee Garner Now that the veggies are producing quite happily, I have a few weeks of down time before I start the cooler weather veggies. So my attention has turned to the birds. Birds are great to have around, they eat some grubby little insects I would rather just not deal with.

Plastic Bag Tote (Marlo Cairns)

A Bag Made of Bags

This crocheted bag looks like a great project to make for toting your garden harvest or trips to the Farmer’s Market. It’s made using plastic grocery bags cut into workable “yarn” strips. I like that the designer used different coloured bags to create a classier looking bag.

Off the Cuff Edging

Guest post by Renee Garner Never one to adhere to tradition, I have started swallowing my grassy yard up with perennials and edibles. Several factors have prevented total success with the work so far, though, and a major one has been communication between my spouse and myself. This was especially apparent one evening at dusk


Jennifer of the crafty podcast Craftsanity will be running a podcast interview with me next week. She is giving away one copy of the You Grow Girl book to the reader who submits the coolest eco-friendly craft by Saturday, June 24. You should also go there to listen to some inspiring interviews with crafty peoples

Green Minds

I need your help finding subjects for a project I’m starting this spring/summer. I’m looking to photograph gardeners in their gardens. What is a garden? My concept of a garden is very open-ended. It can be anything from a sprawling lush paradise to a single plant growing in a coffee can. Gardens include but are

Gallery Exhibition

It’s not at all related to gardening but I will be showing 20 of my photos in a group show alongside 3 other photographers entitled PHOTOGRAMMETRY opening this Friday at Harbourfront Centre here in Toronto. What: An active public space exhibition of urban photography. When: May 13-July 9 (Opening Friday, May 12, 7-9pm) Where: Service

A Different Kind of Professional Gardener

Guest post by Renee Garner Most people would agree, gardening is an art form. Artist Paula Hayes takes this statement literally, but intensive devotion elevates her gardening into gallery worthy, fine art. Her delicate glass terrariums depict an idealistic quest most gardeners can relate to, but the interaction of plants to their tiny biosphere evokes a


Harvesting Seeds

There are a variety of reasons for harvesting your own seeds; some personal, some environmental. Perhaps you have a variety that you like and you are concerned that seed companies may discontinue stocking it. You saw some wildflowers while on an outdoor hike that you’d like to grow in your own garden. You have a


Cheap Containers

You don’t need a lot of money to have classy-looking container plants. I rarely purchase my containers new anymore. Not just because they are expensive, but because most of the time I think they’re ugly. Go to any department store or garden centre and you’re bound to find those awful plastic pots that are meant

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