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7 thoughts on “Broccoli

  1. It’s beautiful!

    I’m growing broccoli rabe or rapini. The first crop turned out great but as it gets warmer my second crop is being completely devoured by insects.

  2. Broccolli is my favorite vegetable, so I think it’s perfect that you made it its own blog post. :) I like it steamed & still slightly crunchy with olive oil & red pepper flakes. And I’ve found that if you peel some of the tough outer skin away on the stems, it’s tastes much better & I can get my husband to eat it too. It takes a little time, but so worth it.

  3. Jennifer: This pot is deeper than 12 inches. I never grow broccoli in a pot that is shallower than that.

    How much it produces depends on the variety. Usually one large head and a bunch of little ones (called side shoots) that come up after. You can yield a lot more in side shoots over time, depending on the variety.

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