Broadleaf Thyme: The Confusion Continues

Photo by Gayla Trail All Rights Reserved

Way back when, I wrote about Broadleaf Thyme and Cuban Oregano (Coleus amboinicus) and (Plectranthus amboinicus) and wondered about the proper identification for the different plants. At the time I concluded that Broadleaf thyme was the one with smaller leaves, and Cuban Oregano is the one with bigger leaves. And within that there is also the variegated variety. Well, this botanical garden here in the Caribbean is identifying the big leaved type as Broad-leaved Thyme, blowing my identification.

Yesterday, I also saw the small-leaved type in person for the first time but it did not have any identifying marks. It smelled heavenly, by-the-way. Deliciously sweet and pungent. I think I prefer it.

Photo by Gayla Trail All Rights Reserved
I also saw this interesting variety, that I would really like to have.

Gayla Trail
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6 thoughts on “Broadleaf Thyme: The Confusion Continues

  1. I think I remember seeing this at the Montreal Botanic… I think it was labelled Plectranthus ‘Green Gold’

  2. This is interesting.It’s very difficult to have the proper identification of the different herbs and plants. It’s much more of a relief to see and touch the actual variety for yourself. I hope I can visit that Caribbean garden.

  3. I have this growing here in Hawaii too…it grows like crazy and makes a great groundcover…use it in pasta sauce, yum. I just have the green and white one..glad to know the name, I always thought it was oregano

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