Botanical iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

My partner Davin Risk, designer extraordinaire and creator of the visual arts magazine MakingRoom (among other things) designed three beautiful botanical wallpapers that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iTouch for free in just a few clicks. Thanks Davin!

METHOD 1: Straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch

1. If you are browsing You Grow Girl directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, press and hold on a wallpaper image (Located at the bottom of this post) and choose “Save Image” from the panel that slides up. Save all three if you want to switch them up later.

2. Open the Photos app on your iPhone or Touch and choose the image you want from “Saved Photos” folder.

3. With the image displayed, click the icon in the bottom left and choose “Use As Wallpaper” from the panel. Tap “Set Wallpaper” to confirm. You’re done!

METHOD 2: Download to your computer

1. With You Grow Girl loaded in your browser of choice, right-click on an image (Located at the bottom of this post) and choose the “Save Image…” option from the menu. Depending on your settings, the image will either be automatically downloaded to a default folder or you will be asked where you would like the image saved to.

2. Next, sync the downloaded wallpaper to your iPhone or Touch. From iTunes you can choose to sync from iPhoto or your “Pictures” folder on OS X and from your “My Pictures” folder on Windows. With your iPhone or Touch connected and visible in iTunes, click on the device name and go to the “Photos” tab. If you haven’t previously, set iTunes to “Sync photos from” whichever album or folder you chose.

3. Once you pressed “Sync”, the new image(s) will be copied to your device.

4. Follow steps 2 and 3 from Method 1.

iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpaper Designed by Davin Risk iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpaper Designed by Davin Risk iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpaper Designed by Davin Risk
Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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6 thoughts on “Botanical iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

  1. These are fantastic! Is there any chance that there will also be computer wallpapers, for those of us not fortunate enough to have iPhones? (Perhaps there already are?)

  2. Gayla, tell Davin: you’re a genius with flower forms! Love these – but since I don’t have an iPhone, could you make versions to suit any old PC like mine? You know, the old 15″ 1024×768 CRT display clunker! Thanks for reading.

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