Birds and Blooms

Guest post by Amy Urquhart

I disovered a cool magazine when I was visiting my grandmother a couple of weekends ago. It’s called Birds and Blooms (Beauty in Your Own Backyard). It’s an American publication dedicated to showcasing…well, you guessed it: birds and plants (and butterflies too).

My interest in gardening extends back a few years, but just last year we started putting up bird feeders and buying bird seed and used a field guide to identify the feathered friends in our yard. So I was really happy to find a magazine that combines these two interests in such a natural way.


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2 thoughts on “Birds and Blooms

  1. Just curious…did you get an ants under the bird feeders?–I put up my first feeder under our tree last year birds made seed mess everywhere(or maybe it was the sneaky squirrels) and about half my rock garden became home to these nasty reddish ants that seem to be at the roots of some of my plants now.

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