Audible Flavor to Savor

Guest post by Renee Garner

I must admit, rather proudly actually, that I am hooked on National Public Radio. I am rarely impressed with top 40 radio, less impressed with the hip hop of late, and classic rock bores me to tears the moment Stairway to Heaven starts up. So I switch on over to NPR and catch up on the news, pop culture, and some of the silliest, smartest musings the human brain can muster.

Check out Bonny Wolf’s article on edible flowers, with recipes that make the vegetarian in me chomp at the bit for more, regardless of any included meat substances. And, well, anything that suggests drinking wine at the breakfast table sounds a-okay by me.

Or check out the listings for listening to Lynne Rossetto Kasper host The Splendid Table, and call in and ask her what to do with the prolific mounds of pineapple mint obscuring the dill in your garden this year. Chances are, she’ll have the most creatively tempting in-depth answer a gardener could ever dream of.


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5 thoughts on “Audible Flavor to Savor

  1. Lynn Rossetto Kasper is indeed a force of nature! I don’t love all of her show, but the segment where people call in and describe the sparse collection of semi-edibles in their fridges then ask how to make that into dinner and she actually comes up with something that sounds good? Brilliant.

  2. aahh, don’t listen to susan! she’s an NPR-pusher! thanks to her i’m hooked on ‘this american life’… :p

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