After Which She Went Home and Made the Filthiest Rhubarb Pie, EVER!

….but not before smoking a full pack of smokes.

WARNING: This video is NSFW and definitely not something you want to watch if you are offended by the swears. The foraging woman in this video goes off something fierce.

I’ve had some strange experiences gardening in a public space, a handful of which I documented on this website (here’s one that comes to mind), but I’d say that this probably tops them and then some. In case you don’t want to watch the video I will provide context. A rhubarb plant has grown beyond the borders of a backyard garden (as rhubarb often does) and has spilled out into public land beyond the fence line. The owner (or her daughter?) confronts a woman that she finds harvesting from the plant. Chaos and a very heated exchange that includes colourful, if not downright creative name-calling ensues.

This is foraging gone wrong. Honestly, anyone who grows rhubarb knows that once the plant has been established you usually have more than you can handle. They should have just let her have it, especially given her “eager passion” for the tangy/sweet stalk.

Source: – As an aside, I started reading Dlisted while I was working on the book Grow Great Grub. Look, I live and breath gardening, but book making is a marathon and sometimes the brain needs to think about something else, yeah know? I don’t care about celebrities in the least, but at the time I needed a light and funny diversion that had nothing to do with gardening. The site has become a daily guilty pleasure ever since. Michael K’s writing is hilarious, smart, and wickedly crass. How funny that after these last few years a post related to gardening has made its way to Dlisted and I finally have an excuse to link to it!

Gayla Trail
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8 thoughts on “After Which She Went Home and Made the Filthiest Rhubarb Pie, EVER!

  1. Well, in many places if a plant grows over the fence-line it’s fair game! Like if you apple tree branch produces apples that hang over the neighbor’s fence, they can legally pick the apples.
    So, this woman is right, even if she is going about it wrong! But, she wasn’t stealing. At least in my city it wouldn’t be.

  2. Share the rhubarb! If I was the neighbor, I’d go back and take a stalk after nightfall. Plants (and compost piles I’ve noticed) have a way of creating community.

  3. omg. pretty sure that
    1)the harvesting lady is not in her right mind.
    2)this whole neighborhood likes to curse. well, maybe two people. i thought i cursed a lot.
    3)if it were sort of my rhubarb, I’d be glad to share,
    with people who were relatively nice.
    4)wonder what the history is between those folks

  4. There both, Whack A Doodle’s!
    Too bad we could not hear/see the start of this video !
    The Women on the inside of her fence, let her veggie grow under her fence to public property. Why can’t she share with the bitch? lol.

    That said, with a Mouth/voice like that, I pity her Husband and Children!!

  5. What an hellacious, entitled bit_h! Boy, you’ve got to recognize that the plant was nurtured by the person on the other side of the fence and that the crown just preferred the other side of the wire… Yes, they both could have been a bit more forgiving but I personally couldn’t see myself doing what she did and feeling that justified. I’d ask if they’d mind, and if no, then thats that! Sometimes you have plans for your rhubarb plant, maybe it’s a big year for strawberry-rhubarb pie at the church social, you know?! Not that I ever go to church… ;)

  6. I grow a virtual farm over the entire front yard in Kitchener, ON and many people ask if anything has ever been “stolen” and the odd times a few things go missing at night. When I put up a “help yourself” sign nothing was taken.
    Geez, just let the lady have it as rude as she is. Obviously too much time on their hands, but not enough to regn in their rhubarb or make something of it!
    Hilarious. I wonder if the whole thing was a hoax.

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