A Change is Gonna Come… Or It Err… Kinda Already Has

Okay that’s gotta be the most ridiculous and possibly crass musical reference I have ever made. I love that song and Sam Cooke but I have officially maxed out the recommended safe usage of “CH-CH-CH-CHANGES” as a header/title.

You will notice that the homepage and some inner pages of this site have a new look. If the site still looks as it did last week or pages are crazily wonky please refresh your browser or cache. You may also notice a new archiving system to your right. It contains all of the old-school section headers (top and bottom of the page) with additional subheaders listed below. I hope that once implemented this new archiving system will make it a lot easier to navigate the site and locate older but very handy information.

There’s seven year’s worth of content on this site amounting to a WHOLE LOT of pages. Lots of information is good, right? Unfortunately, many of those pages were hand-coded by yours truly back in the day. You know, the olden days. As a result we have lots of work left to make all old pages reflect the new style and/or work within the new archiving system. Please excuse the mess while this integration is cobbled together. A crack team of tiny, kind of snarky, sometimes grumpy, but highly efficient elves are on the job!

And finally you will notice that the You Grow Girl site is no longer functioning as an online magazine with multiple contributors. There are all kinds of reasons for this but the short of it is that seven years is a long time and I’ve been slowly burning out. Moving the site in this new direction has reignited my spark and reserves some energy for me on a personal level. I will continue to write here regularly, and once the madness of the spring season rush and site changes have passed I will be recruiting guest posters to spice things up. I may even get to that newsletter thingy! Many who receive the newsletter have been emailing or stopping me on the street (I was surprised too!) to ask if I am okay and whatever happened to the newsletter. I didn’t know you cared. It is coming, I swear, but despite my efficient set-up those things take a surprising amount of time to write and prepare!

And last but not least I want to assure you that the forums are still running smoothly. In fact with spring in the air (except in my miserably cold and sunless part of the world, HELLO) the forums are in full swing.

-Peace out! (Is that still “cool with the kids?”) Gayla

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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9 thoughts on “A Change is Gonna Come… Or It Err… Kinda Already Has

  1. I would like to be the first to say… I like it! It’s clear and easy to navigate. You’ve also done something with the fonts – maybe made some of them bigger? It’s very clean and I like it a lot. I also like that it’s not a huge change from the old; I can still find everything in pretty much the same spot.

    As for the content, I have never been disappointed and I’m sure that trend will continue into the future, whether through just you or through guest posters too.

    My only suggestion would be to make the “donate” button/section more prominant. It’s hard to spot, and I didn’t even know it was there until someone mentioned it in the forums!

    ~ Mel ~

  2. Amy: I am already dead. I am an empty shell of a human being who is running on auto-pilot until this fabled “warmer weather” with the actual sun makes an appearance.

  3. Nice layout- glad to see your moving the site to online & ditching the ‘zine part- that seems to be where the money & people are these days!!

    Hope you get some R n’ R soon!

  4. Thanks. The site has always been online. In seven years I never went the printed zine route. There is of course a book and other things…. but those weren’t contributor-based.

  5. what’s this? i go away for a week and the site goes in for botox? looks great – nice ‘n’ fresh. go grumpy elves!

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