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13 thoughts on “A Bag Made of Bags

  1. Thats crazy that you posted this, I started making one last night to post about for the exact same use. I guess we’ve got farmer’s markets on the brain.
    Another great idea is to use cheap, strong polyester yarn to “knit in the round” and make a bag. They’re so simple, quick and ecologically responsible!

  2. Post yours when it is done! I just cleaned my desk and found a printout of the pattern sitting in a pile of papers and thought, “I should really get on this.” I’m making a belt first though.

  3. I think the tips I had said about a 1 inch strip- you can start cutting around & around the bag & get a good long peice. Hook size can vary as long as it’s big enough to catch your ‘yarn’. I’m looking for stores with other colors of bags now… to splash it up! Gotta save those colorful holiday bags!

  4. I was also thinking of doing a knitted or crocheted shopping bag! Go green! Does anyone have a pattern for one of the open-work bags that looks like a fishing net with handles?

  5. great bag! have been making “baggy” bags, but don’t have a pattern… you’re bag is just right! will you share your pattern? and how do you cut strips ’round and ’round? i just cut them in one inch strips across the bags and slip them together in a chain.

  6. I don’t know how to crochet, but I sure have lots of plastic grocery bags and this motivates to learn. Very cool idea.

  7. jen — found a pattern for the open-mesh bag on the back of the new super-size label for sugar’n cream cotton. hope this works for you

  8. oh, that’s such a cute bag! i’m not a big fan of crochet, but i’m definitely willing to give this a try. i love that it’s plastic so you can take it to the beach or the farmer’s market and give it a good rinse if needed.

  9. Great idea, I can’t wait to try it. I’m thinking I could use those bags that my newspaper gets delivered in!

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