Making Plant Hydrosol with an Alembic Copper Still

Experiments in Plant Hydrosol Distillation

Oh, how I love my alembic copper still! I’ve been having such a great time experimenting with it over these past few weeks. The process of distilling plant matter in water to make hydrosol is creative and right brained, but it also engages my left brain in just the right way. It feels like alchemy,

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #9: The Weird Al

I’ve been saving this prompt idea for a time when we could all use something a bit silly and dumb and with this hot muggy weather and the early July holidays behind us, I think the time is now. This idea came to me when my dog Molly was outside chasing the squirrels that invade

Old Motel Saguaro

Saguaro Cactus Trees

They were so much more than I imagined they would be. Bigger. More imposing. Majestic. Awesome.

Linden Flower Tea

Foraging for Linden Flowers (+ Giveaway)

I live smack dab inside an urban forest of linden aka lime (Tilia) and at no time is that more obvious than mid-June-July when the trees are dripping with blooms. Their sticky sweet, floral scent is so strong, my bet is that even if you have never noticed the trees, chances are good that you

Summer Sale

Summer is really in full swing now and I can hardly keep up with the bounty that is coming from the garden. To celebrate the summer holiday season, I’ve put the eBundle version of my pocketbook, Drinking the Summer Garden: Homegrown Thirst Quenchers, Concoctions, Sips, and Nibbles on sale for $6.99 (that’s 30% off) for

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