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Reflecting on 2010

Year Start I spent the first week of 2010 out right, visiting friends on an organic food farm in the Soufriere area of St. Lucia. Our friend David lived there at the time, growing food for the ultra luxurious Jade Mountain Resort. The property, called Emerald House, was an old chocolate plantation at one time.


House of Hope Update

Yesterday, my friend Celia visited the House of Hope in Dominica. She and her husband Paul took photos of the visit and shot a video to give us a closer look. House of Hope from Paul Crask on Vimeo. The following photos are of the organic food garden that is in progress on the property.

And the winner is…..

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the House of Hope Drive, promoted it on their blog, retweeted etc. The total is going to convert to around $3000 EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollars). Really, really fantastic!! I’ll have an update from Celia next week with photos.

Itassi driveway

A Beautiful Nuisance

Guest post by Davin Risk I am asked now and again if “I am a gardener too” and my answer is an invariably unsure, “Well, yes and no, I help.” As Gayla’s partner I am often by her side in gardens and a certain level of gardening knowledge has seeped into my brain via osmosis.

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

House of Hope Drive Update

Hello Friends, Just a reminder that the House of Hope Drive is on until Saturday when I’ll be drawing a name for the prize. We’re currently up to $1, 130, which is crazy INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much for contributing! My friend Celia, who lives in Dominica, is going to be visiting the House of Hope

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Chandelier Plant

Back in the spring, when I guiltily purchased this kalanchoe tubiflora (aka Widow’s Thrill) on impulse, it was all about the tall, spotted tubular leaves and the way it looks like a bottle cleaning brush. I didn’t look for photos online or in books to see how it would turn out down the road. I

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A Year Ago Today…

…I was in Barbados and it was day 3 into our 35 day trip to the Caribbean. We took the bus from Christ Church to the capital city, Bridgetown. Meat donut. Your choice of sausage or minced meat. We got the coconut.

Photo by Celia Sorhaindo

Sorrel, Ginger Beer and Midnight Mass

About two months before our Caribbean trip, I posted here on You Grow Girl reaching out to anyone who could help connect me with other gardeners living on the islands I would be visiting. This is how I met Celia. We exchanged emails before the trip and then met up in Dominica. It was all

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Like caladium, anthurium are a tropical I never could get into. I have a penchant for freakish, alien plants, but there is something about their waxy, fake phalus-like appearance that bugs me. They just seem so Hollywood — the plastic surgery disasters of the plant world. Last year’s trip to Dominica changed that. There, for


Ten Handmade Gifts For Gardeners

This started out as a general gardener’s gift guide; however, I found lots of great handmade items on Etsy and decided to keep going. Walnut Garden Dibble $18.00: I think I like this dibble more than my well-worn favorite. It’s made of a beautiful, salvaged dark wood and the price is very fair for handmade.


2010 Holiday Drive: House of Hope (Plus Giveaway)

UPDATE (December 4): Wow!!! We’ve exceeded the goal in just a few days. The original goal was an arbitrary number and does not reflect House of Hope’s actual need. I simply chose a number that I felt was reachable. Turns out I underestimated you! While we’ve exceeded the initial target number, the drive will continue

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On Daffodils

Yesterday afternoon I was offered some bulbs for free, but I had to pass. I had a deadline for my next book to-be today, and I have a much bigger one in two weeks. When would I have time to plant bulbs? Never-mind the fact that it is already December and the top crust of