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Growing an Edible Strawberry Pot

Strawberry pots have a bad reputation in the gardening world. They have poor water distribution and tend to dry out quickly. Sometimes they’re ugly. Or the pockets are too small. Or the pockets don’t have a lip, making holding soil in at planting time nearly impossible. The good ones are expensive to buy, if you

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

The Dirt on Soil

My most recent Globe & Mail food gardening article is up on the website. This week’s topic was on how to get good soil whether you’re growing in-ground or in containers. It looks like the previous week’s article is also still available online. That one was on seeds that you can start late in the

Lost Email

For some inexplicable reason I have lost a BIG chunk of unanswered email. If you sent me an email between last Wed and today and have not heard back please get in touch again. Chances are your email disappeared!


Transplant Trade 2009

I attended a transplant trade this weekend. I arrived at the trade with two trays of plants and returned home with only one. Success! I exercised a lot of restraint this time around and did not succumb to any descriptions of beautiful tomatoes I do not have the space to grow. Although, I did end

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Chitting Potatoes

I grew this potato variety, ‘Purple Peruvian’ in a big trash can out on the roof last year. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until spring 2010 to see a picture of that… or read about it for that matter. Anybookpublishingtakestoolong, it’s a pretty little fingerling variety with purple flowers that grows well in containers. I


Gardening Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me (Unintentionally)


I wrote this piece back in February for The Guardian UK, and am now posting it here in its entirety as promised. You can read my preface to it here.

My gardener’s story is atypical. There were no childhood summers frolicking in the garden of a rosy-cheeked matriarch eager to pass on a passion for growing things; however, there was, in fact, a grandmother—a woman who for better or worse certainly left an impression. A woman who taught me about gardening without meaning to, possibly even in spite of herself.

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