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Mixed Up My Peas

I’m not going to relate the story of how this happened; however, it involved wasting an inordinate amount of time taking photos of the pea varieties I had planned to grow this year, followed by doing something exceptionally stupid. I did manage to identify two of the five varieties, but the rest are now in

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Onion Seedlings

Don’t onion seedlings make you think of tiny little alien tentacles or periscopes rising up from the soil? p.s. If you sow too much, the sprouts are edible, too.

It is Finished

On Saturday afternoon Mary and Joan (and Davin, of course) came by and helped us clean up hundreds of cigarette butts, several broken bottles, the bamboo fence we built two seasons ago that had been literally and purposefully kicked in inch-by-inch along its entire length, a bag full of miscellaneous garbage, concrete dust left by

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

More Reasons Why I Don’t Grow Edibles in My Street Garden

The snow has melted and it is time to take stock of what has accumulated in the street garden since the fall. In my neighborhood, gentrification is running rampant like a pack of drunken college kids and has brought with it bigger troubles than my little garden has seen in its decade-long existence. I’ve decided


Welcome and Seeds of Diversity 25th Anniversary

Hello fellow gardeners. If you’re coming from today’s Globe and Mail article, the full story about the tobacco gardener is here. If you’d like seeds, I’ve got loads (I’m not going to grow them) and am happy to pass them on in the spirit they were given to me. Please send a self addressed stamped


What It Is

You all made some great guesses and invented some interesting products while trying to guess what was underneath the many miles of bubble wrap. I’ll take the seed bomb launcher, the combine for a container wheat field, or the automatic garden weeder, please. One guess was really close, but went a bit too far. (Daniel:

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