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Why is it always the bush beans and the tomatoes with the most absurd names? Some variety names are just plain confusing. And weird. Possibly a little bit embarrassing. ‘Kung Poo’ Sweet Pepper – The description reads, “Very red. Nice flavour.” And they got ‘Kung Poo’ from that? ‘Black Master’ Tomato – This one makes

Porn Stars, Hustlers, Strippers, and Pimps Seed Collection

You decide which is which. ‘Sugar Lump’ Tomato ‘Stallion’ Bush Bean – Would have been better if this had been a pole bean. Just saying. ‘Snow White Cherry’ Tomato ‘Turks Nuts’ Tomato – Described as purple/brown and ribbed. ‘Cherry Pink O’s’ Tomato ‘Uncle Willie’s’ Bush Bean ‘Furry Yellow Hog’ Tomato – Ummm…. ‘Heaven’s Joy’ ‘Isis

Personal Histories

Phew, that was fast. I put the finishing touches on an article late last night and it is already up on the Guardian website. This one, about the relationship between myself and my maternal grandmother is a bit more personal than usual and I am still getting used to having put it out there. However,

All of the Double Entendres

I’m thinking about picking myself up some ‘Hookers’…. sweet corn that is. Har! No, but seriously. While perusing the Seeds of Diversity 2009 Member Seed Directory I stumbled upon ‘Hookers’ Sweet Corn, a variety that is described as great for containers and small spaces with kernels that turn blue/black when mature. [Seeds of Change sells

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Seedy Saturday Toronto 2009

The best gardening event of the year, Seedy Saturday Toronto is coming up this week! This year it’s in a new venue and at a new time, which should be interesting. Once again I will have a table and will be selling my wares. We’ll be debuting a new t-shirt that I know you’ll love.

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

There’s Joy in Hard Work

I listened to this essay about the importance of physical labor by urban gardener Mary Seton Corboy yesterday morning on the This I Believe program and thought it was so brilliant I had to share. Listening to her talk about digging ditches made me want to run outside and dig something… except that it is

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Seed Organizing

Miracle of miracles! Not only have I managed to begin my seed purchasing and acquiring process on time this year but I also spent a few hours the other night organizing them all. Ironic that the year I manage this feat is in a crazy busy one when I also happen to be unsure about

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