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Let’s Identify This Euphorbia

While in the Cuban countryside, we came upon a number of very old cemeteries that always sat right next to the ocean. I was told that one cemetery dated back to 1919. How they managed to survive the hurricanes when so many homes with much more distance from the ocean haven’t is beyond me. This

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Overwintering ‘Oregano’ Thyme

Over the years I’ve made an experiment of trying out new plants to overwinter on my windowsills. These experiments keep me amused over the winter months and provide the first-hand experience with specific varieties required to make solid suggestions. I generally experiment with herbs since they’re the plants we all want on hand most during

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Botanical iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

My partner Davin Risk, designer extraordinaire and creator of the visual arts magazine MakingRoom (among other things) designed three beautiful botanical wallpapers that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iTouch for free in just a few clicks. Thanks Davin! METHOD 1: Straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch 1. If you are browsing You

Seed Starting Season

The Impending Arrival of Seed Starting Season

Seed starting season is just around the corner. It happens every year and every year I yell to no one and everyone that I’m not ready and could I please just have another day or a week, but it comes anyways. Then again, am I ever ready for anything garden-related? From seed starting season to

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I’m back! I’m covered in mosquito bites. Itchy. I’m sunburned. Also itchy. I’m feeling much more alive and functional than I was before I left, although my brain is also super scrambled from the complexity of this trip. What a trip! I went in with certain expectations based on our previous trip and a certain