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Shifting My Worm Bin

My composting worms are housed in an average-sized bin that we keep in the hallway just outside our apartment door. This spot next to the recycling bin is great three out of four seasons of the year since it saves precious space inside our apartment and is the perfect distance between the roof garden and

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A Hazy Shade of December

For a long list of reasons — many of which I am still in therapy for — I’ve just never been a fan of THE HOLIDAYS. This is why there has always been a distinct lack of HOLIDAY-related nonsense on this site. Pretty much as soon as Dec 1 hits I dive into a hole.


EYE Magazine – October 18, 2008

“Green Thumbs Up: The Surprisingly Soothing Results of Ground-level Activism” The full article can be seen on the EYE website.

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Warm Winter Wear Drive 2008 Reminder

Just a reminder that the date to get your items shipped out is approaching. I originally said Dec 1 but have decided to give it until Dec 5 because I have been so behind in answering my emails. I’ve got a P.O. Box that you can send it to now, but please do email me

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No Garlic

I think it’s time to let it go and accept the inevitable… that garlic is not going to get into the ground this year. I’m already a month late. Thankfully I predicted this would happen and decided against participating in the Great Canadian Garlic Nerd Fest months ago thereby avoiding not only being pissed at


Gardening Mama

I just heard through my partner Davin that Taito, makers of the game “Cooking Mama” are about to release a similar version of the game called “Gardening Mama“! I rarely talk about products or get all covetous on this site however… Must. Have. Game. I’ll admit that while I have no idea what this game

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Things You Can Compost That You Didn’t Think You Could

While writing the composting section for the new book, it occurred to me that my list in book one was rather incomplete and only covered some of the things we compost at home. There’s a surprising number of common, everyday items that are fit for the compost, yet many gardeners tend to stick to the

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