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The End of Days

Over the weekend I stuck my head out of my hermit den long enough to notice that winter is coming. All of the signs are there, I’ve just been pretending not to see them. The first and most obvious being that it is cold. We haven’t turned on the heat yet but it’s getting there.

Food for Freedom

I’m going to be giving another presentation on Guerrilla Gardening tomorrow at the Style at Home Show as a part of Eco Day. The gardening presentations start at noon. Mine will be at 2pm. Here’s the write-up: Learn about the many ways that people are “greening the city” by planting small gardens in out-of-the-way corners

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Miniature Ring Diorama

Back when I wrote about the Gather, Circle Moss ring I mentioned thoughts about adding a little figurine, turning the ring into a miniature diorama on my finger. Well, what do you know, a package arrived in the mail yesterday from Amy, the ring’s creator, containing a tiny figurine of a man holding a hose

Warm Winter Wear Drive 2008

Winter is approaching (NOOOOOOOOO!!!) and it is actually starting to get cold out there. Real cold. I have worn hand warmers while walking. Soon it will be full mittens or gloves. Biking now requires a woolen hat that can cover the ears. The horror. All of this serves as a strong reminder that winter is

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Hot Pepper Mix Up

Update: Some years later, I eventually identified these as ‘Aji Brazilian Red Pumpkin’ (Capsicum baccatum). I bought hot pepper seeds a few years back labeled as ‘Fish’. ‘Fish’ is a variegated pepper that grows on a variegated plant, with the peppers eventually turning red. Half of the seeds sown have gone on to produce ‘Fish’

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