Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

My Brother’s Garden

Hey Internet, Remember when I helped my brother make a container garden on his balcony? Behold, it LIVES! He’s done really, really well for someone with almost no interest in gardening only a few months ago. I was concerned that I had overwhelmed him with plants through my own enthusiasm and that he wouldn’t be

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Underground Organics

I’ve been meaning to tell you about Underground Organics since back in the spring when buckets of their beautiful flowers first started showing up at my local weekly market, the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market. Underground Organics are a trio of farmers living just outside Toronto who are organically growing annual and perennial flowers and selling

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Give Me Tomatoes

Above image is the July entry from the 2008 You Grow Girl Calendar I LOVE tomatoes. If I had to give up growing all other crops and choose just one I would probably choose tomatoes although basil would follow as a close second. Who can imagine tomatoes without basil? Don’t make me choose. Tomatoes aren’t


A Conversation: Gardening versus Porn

I am standing in front of a community garden taking photos when a youngish dude (I am not good at guesstimating age) holding a guitar and a large, open bottle of vodka approaches me. Him: What are you doing? Me: I’m taking pictures of these beans and bean flowers. Him: Why? Me: Because I think

HELP. Need Bags

I’m working on a project that requires lots and lots of plastic shopping bags. There is only one small problem: I don’t have any! Our family committed ourselves to eliminating the plastic shopping bag from our lives and we’ve done it. Yeah, I know, “Where’s my big ass eco warrior medal?” Anyways, little by little

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