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Made it Back Alive…

Click the image to see full-size. …But just barely. Camping was hard and beautiful and itchy and wonderful all at once. The 4 hours of canoing to our campsite island was probably the hardest part. The wild berry foraging was very good. I gleaned some new bits of knowledge about growing blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

Assorted and Sundry for 08/07/29

Leaves Speak; a Journalist Listens – A book of photos of rag tag burdock leaves by journalist Janet Malcolm. Boulder, curbside gardeners spar over right-of-way – City of Boulder, CO Threatening to Fine Curbside Gardener. – Thanks Renee Toronto’s Royal York Hotel Adds Bee Keeping to Their Roof Garden – I really want to see


Gone Camping

We’re going camping! I haven’t been really, truly camping since I was a kid. As a non-driver I’ve never been able to get my feet wet in the world of tent pitching in the wilderness since getting out of the city into the great outdoors is a bit of a jaunt without a car. Sure

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Garden Tour: Columbus, Ohio

While in Columbus, Ohio I had the good fortune to be given a tour of school gardens courtesy of Susan Weber and Noreen Warnock of Local Matters. Local Matters is an organization seeking to expand fresh food availability and accessibility to residents of Central Ohio. They are involved in a number of initiatives from community

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Waiting for Potatoes

A lot of exciting things have been happening in the gardens these days. With summer fully underway I have been harvesting all sorts of goodies. There are new discoveries everyday. Yet none have garnered quite the reaction as when I stuck my right arm into the soil, moved it around a bit and pulled out

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Cherry Clafoutis

I have a longer post about my trip to Columbus, Ohio coming up but until then a station break about cherry season. It’s on! While I was away Davin went cherry picking just for me, bringing home a giant basket of fresh deliciousness. Picking that basket was preceded by a 13 km hike. What a

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