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An Edible Bouquet: Chive Blossoms

I came up with this idea while on assignment for Budget Living magazine. The idea was approved but sadly the magazine folded shortly thereafter and I was never able to see this concept to fruition. The editor had asked me to come up with something for wedding season, a request that kind of made me


There’s a Little Bit of Irony in My Version of Retail Therapy

… especially when it is initiated by plant loss. To be clear these plants will not be living in THAT garden. They are for my community plot and the roof. I spent $18.99 plus federal and provincial taxes of my hard-earned dollars on this plant, an Echeveria ‘Black Prince.’ I think we can all agree

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Thank You

Sakura’s White Bleeding Heart in the street garden I wanted to write and thank you all for your very kind words and wishes about yesterday’s post. I’ve been overwhelmed. Thank you. I have to admit I have felt a little bit of embarrassed by what I wrote. On the one hand it reads so dramatic,

The One Where I Got My Heart Broken, Again

The street garden has been significantly damaged again, this time by a painter my landlord hired to paint a so-called mural on the wall. He had to have the mural done to save the garden from “graffiti peoples”, he told me in a letter left in my mailbox as a so-called apology. Yet “graffiti peoples”

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Rhubarb/Apple/Strawberry/Ginger Crisp

Rhubarb has come into season here in the cold north, and while I can’t say I’m much of a fan, my spouse is — I suppose its only fair that he gets to have something he likes every once and a while. I’ve never grown rhubarb so I can’t tell you much about how to

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