Photo by Gayla Trail

Happy Spring Equinox!!

Considering the particularly harsh nature of winter in the north this year, the need to celebrate the solstice/equinox/vernal equinox/whatever they’re calling it these days is stronger than ever. Spring can not arrive fast enough. Do you think blowing on the snow will make it melt faster? From here on out I will be selecting “Spring”

Photo by Gayla Trail

Time to Start the Seeds

It’s been decided. The first round of seed-starting 2008 starts today. I considered shooting a mini video how-to of this procedure to post here but decided against it because it is another miserably grey and sunless day in Toronto and video would require the additional hassle of setting up lights. And of course I would

Photo by Gayla Trail

Bob Easter’s Carrots

Organic gardener Bob Easter shows off his harvest at the Sunshine Community Garden in Austin, Texas last week. They are already harvesting carrots! Meanwhile, back in Toronto, home of the never-ending winter, we are only dreaming about the carrots we will grow and harvest in a few months. Sigh. I took this photo last week

Garden Monkey’s Celebrity Hijack

I was recently interviewed for the Garden Monkey’s Celebrity Hijack series. When the mysterious (and totally hilarious) Garden Monkey contacted me about an interview I jumped on the chance because I knew it would be fun. This interview was an absolute joy to answer and a bit of a thinker too. Plus I got to

Photo by Gayla Trail

Seedy Saturday Haul 2008

Another Seedy Saturday Toronto has come and gone and like last year I managed, with great effort, to make it around to a few booths and pick up some seeds. The event was more packed than ever this year making it nearly impossible to leave my brother/assistant alone at the table for any length of

Photo by Gayla Trail

Pea Flowers

Taken at the Sunshine Community Garden in Austin, Texas.


Pressed Flowers from the Holy Land

I have a weakness for interesting paper items and pressed flowers so when the two come together resistance is futile. I purchased this small pressed flower card for one dollar from a loose collection at my new favourite store in the known universe, Uncommon Objects. I have been there twice already and plan to make

First Impressions – Austin, Texas

While I’ve only been here the equivalent of a generous five minutes and my impressions are based on the airport, the view from a cab, an enthusiastic cabbie, and the grounds of my hotel I have a few thoughts about Austin, Texas. Tillandsia! – Ya’ll didn’t tell me you have tillandsia. I really didn’t believe

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