Meat Lover’s Seed Collection

Sounds like meat, as opposed to accompanying meat. ‘Bacon’ Bush Bean – I am guessing it doesn’t actually taste like bacon although meat lovers everywhere would like for someone to get on that, stat! ‘Caseknife’ Bush Bean ‘Bloody Butcher’ Tomato – Don’t hurt me! ‘Jack Rabbit Kidney’ Snap Bean ‘Deer Tongue’ Leaf Lettuce – Has

Assorted and Sundry for 08/03/28

Mouse and Trowel Awards 2008 – Vote for your favourite garden blogs. Earth Hour – Turn your lights off for an hour starting at 8pm tomorrow night. March 29, 2008. Buying Organic – This buying guide chart from Good Magazine illustrates the who’s who of the burgeoning organic food market. Not the small independents you

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

First Look at a New Tomato

And the winner in the race to germination is… ‘Purple Calabash’ Tomato. Because I know some of you will ask, I will just go ahead and clarify that the drops of water on the leaves fell from condensation that had formed underneath the “greenhouse” lid and onto the leaves when I removed it and are

The Slasher Movies and Adult Film Title Seed Collection

For the gardener with an unsophisticated sense of humor. Myself included. Tomato’s tend to dominate this theme. ‘Cannibal’ Tomato ‘Bloody Butcher’ Tomato ‘Beaver Lodge Slicer’ Tomato ‘Black Seaman’ Tomato – No matter how I say it “seaman” always gets a snicker from the audience when I mention it in presentations and workshops. ‘Blow Fleisch’ Tomato

Photo by Gayla Trail

Ordering Seeds the Hard Way

I recently sent off seed requests via Seeds of Diversity Canada, a seed exchange organization dedicated to the preservation of heritage varieties that I joined last summer. In the face of online ordering, the ease of PayPal transactions, and good ole’ email the whole experience felt downright old-fashioned, involving about three hours of painstaking reading

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