Photo by Gayla Trail

Flower Flair

Look at the pretty floral pin I made thanks to some scrap yarn and my new Vintage Flower Loom Kit purchased from Cathy of California. I have been collecting old-school crafting books and booklets for years and happen to have some of the booklets Cathy’s kits feature but have never come across the actual little


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

1. Brown “Jasmin” Ring – $9.00 While these botanically-inspired rings from The Carrotbox have no use in the garden, they are both durable and affordable enough to leave on while gardening. 2. Pot Brush – $29.00 Nothing says romance like a fancy natural bristle brush that makes washing grimy pots easy work. No really! This


Back from Vancouver

I just returned from a solo sojourn to Vancouver where it was rainy and green, unlike Toronto the city I left just after a snowstorm and returned to in a snowstorm. In fact it has been so snowy here in Toronto I almost didn’t make it back. Previous flights that day had been canceled and


Gardens Illustrated Dec 2007

-from December 2007 issue of BBC’s Garden’s Illustrated magazine. “Sassy and savvy in its approach, Canadian garden website You Grow Girl has nurtured a thriving online community since it was established in 2000. With regular entries by site creator Gayla Trail, attractive images and lively forums, You Grow Girl is fresh, funny and unconventional —

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