Spring T-Shirts – PREORDER

With t-shirt weather just around the corner (so “they” say) two of our popular shirts are back. We’ve decided to offer them as a pre-order since this system allows us to make a much, much wider selections of sizes available for a limited time. It also means more colour options. Last year we replaced the


Compostable Coffee Bag

I discovered this message on the bottom of the 1lb bag of coffee beans I purchased about a month ago and thought I would look into PLA and try my hand at composting the bag to see how easily it could be done. The issue here isn’t the paper itself (although that is an issue

Assorted and Sundry

Cat5 Macrame Plant Hanger (via Make Blog) — It’s made from recycled ethernet cable! Dewey Donation 2008 Book Drive – Anyone who loves books can relate to the sense of wonder and hope they can create in children’s lives…. and adult lives too of course. Every year the Dewey Donation System chooses a library in

Photo by Gayla Trail

Remembering Summer

‘Miniature White’ Cucumber grown on my rooftop. ‘Redbor’ Kale photographed at a community garden in Hamilton, ON.

Photo by Gayla Trail

Filed Under “Floral Delusion”

With the hope for spring holding my winter-beaten spirit together, I’ve got organization on the brain. I recently purchased these extra-fancy file folders with a botanical/woodgrain design under the delusion that having pretty folders to look at everyday would inspire hyper-organization of my desk space. A pack of six folders cost $9 CDN which is

Photo by Davin Risk

Seed Starting and Springing Ahead

Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are rapidly approaching that last straw part of winter, looking for a little sun and some springtime cheer to warm our hearts, minds and bodies. When you can’t take another minute of winter it’s time to start talking about seed-starting! When I’m looking toward spring I think about

Photo by Gayla Trail

Mix Up Your Own Seed Starting Mix

I posted this recipe a year ago but it is buried in a larger post and I decided it would be better-accessed if it had its own place. Making your own mix is SUPER easy and worth the small effort if you are growing a lot of seedlings. Seed-Starting Mix These are the ratios I


David Suzuki Foundation Newsletter

Okay. I am sorry because it seems like every other post is just me tooting my own horn about some such nonsense but, really, I can’t believe this. I was just doing a search for something completely unrelated and by total chance came upon a recommendation of my book in the Spring 2007 newsletter of


Recreating Eden

Let’s turn the clock back for a moment to late August 2007. Toronto was experiencing the “worst drought in 50 years” accompanied by a drowning humidity. How an intense lack of water AND a drowning humidity can coexist is beyond me. I’m sure there is a meteorologist out there who can explain it. All I

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