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Real Simple – The Best Blogs

I am so very proud that You Grow Girl was listed in Real Simple magazine’s The Best Blogs article in their March 2008. And with You Grow Girl turning eight years old this month I can’t help saying that it feels like my baby is growing up. – from Real Simple (March 2008) pg 127-128

Assorted and Sundry for 08/02/28

Micheal Pollan on The Hour speaking about his new book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. When the weight of a dollar is greater than the value of the earth – A great post from Renee on the rapidly changing face of organics. Green Roofs: An Introduction with Pretty Pictures [thanks Leela] – I

Photo by Gayla Trail

Turning Towards Spring

I’m writing this post today for all of you out there, who like me, have hit the cold, hard wall of Winter head-first. If success is measured by achieving an intentional purpose then this has been one of the most successful winters in years. There has been snow, and lots of it. It has been


Just. Plain. Dirty.

It sure is “ironic” when a notoriously litigious company comes out with an ad campaign that looks and sounds awfully familiar. And I do mean awful. I can not bring myself to point to the website. Davin Risk’s photograph of my “dirt manicure” published last year. If the products based on fostering a chemical dependency,

Photo by Gayla Trail

Acquired in Vancouver

I didn’t buy much in Vancouver — I’m not really a shopper but am more of a walker and picture-taker. In fact everything I acquired in Vancouver was collected within a single block. Upon arriving in the neighbourhood of my scheduled two-hour coffee I happened upon a thrift store that I could not pass by


Amateur Gardening Magazine

- from Amateur Gardening Magazine (January 19, 2008.) Article by Martyn Cox. Photos (and special thanks) to Garden Monkey who sent these photos.

Michael Pollan – Ted Talk

Unfortunately when it comes to Mr. Michael Pollan I can not seem to get past an unfortunate and debilitating case of “teenage fan girl ridiculousness” (squeal!) to write about his work with a modicum of professionalism. If you haven’t heard of his writings and work already I would highly suggest running out and getting a

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