Photo by Davin Risk

Winter is Cold, News at Eleven

Photo by Davin Risk Sigh. This view of my roof garden from the door feels a million miles away today. Remember summer? Yeah, me neither. If not for photographic evidence I would have to assume these so-called memories are in fact only beautiful delusions. I know many of you in the Southern Hemisphere are in

2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive

2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive – Update

Now that 2007 has come to a close I wanted to update you on this year’s Warm Winter Wear Drive. This year we donated 16 hats, 14 scarves, and 6 pairs of mittens to The Redwood Shelter for Abused Women. I want to thank everyone who donated this year: Renee, AuntieM, Nikic, Karen, Deborah, Gnomenclature,

Tokyo Gardening: Making Gardens with No Space

You must head over to Ping Magazine and take a look at this photo-essay on Guerilla Greening in Tokyo. With only 4% of the city allocated for green space and no yards to speak of, residents have found unique ways to garden and green public spaces. What an inspiration! I found the part about three-tiered

Organic Gardening Magazine

Grow Where You Are Planted

So I was gonna hold off on this one until it hit new stands but it looks like Organic Gardening Magazine let the cat out of the bag early and has published an article I wrote for the Feb 2008 issue (“Grow Where You Are Planted”) on their website. I really enjoyed writing this article.

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