Knit a Beet

Check this pattern for a knit beet by Berroco. I love the leaf veining and frilled edges. What I would actually do with a knit beet beyond have it sit on my desk looking pretty is beyond me, but so what. It’s a beet! Made of yarn! I’m imagining leaves knit in shades of burgundy

Photo by Gayla Trail

A Good Mail Day

Who doesn’t love a good mail day? You know, the kind with items in the mailbox that aren’t bills or the junk coupons and flyers that keep showing up despite the careful note explaining that, “Seriously. For real. We REALLY don’t want that crap delivered to our door.” I received seed catalogues from two companies

Hello Vancouver!

I’ll be heading your way next week to do a garden craft segment on the new HGTV craft show “She’s Crafty.” I was able to have dinner with a bunch of You Grow Girl readers and members last time I was in Vancouver 2 years ago so I thought it would be good to do

Photo by Gayla Trail

First Catalogues of 2008

The first seed catalogues of 2008, Richters Herbs and West Coast Seeds (in that order), recently arrived in my mailbox, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner even if the outdoor temperatures say otherwise. I’m going to admit here that while I have the words, “Start to plan this year’s gardens” jotted

Photo by Gayla Trail

Green Minds Project (2008)

I wrote a while back about a body of photographic work I am slowly building called Green Minds Project. A quick recap: Green Minds is a portrait project exploring gardeners and their passion for growing greenery. I am seeking to validate all kinds of gardening practice. This includes anything from a sprawling lush paradise to

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